Friday, 4 July 2014

Dreaming of New Technology

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Recently I have come to a decision/realisation. I spend A LOT of money on beauty and make up. Some people would think that that wasn't a problem but I have a lot of storage full of make up so really there isn't need for me to buy more just because I only have one face and it can’t all go on at the same time.

So I have decided something. If I don’t buy so much of things I don’t need (make up, skincare, haircare, clothes), if I sell things that don’t fit me, don’t suit me or are just the wrong colour (I can think of two foundations straight away which need to be sold) and if I just save instead of spend then I can get something maybe a little more expensive but something totally useful.

You see I write this blog from a six year old laptop that has gone through three years of university and two years of blogging. It doesn't like any videos that I try and edit as it has to convert , which takes a day to do (this is the main reason why I use my iPad for all my videos) and I am missing two keys and a chunk out the back. As much as I love it, I think I need a new laptop.

The thing is I am what my brother calls an “Apple Whore”, my phone is an iPhone, I own an iPod (which I’ve had for 4 years now) and I also have an iPad, which is the best thing I’ve bought because I’m never bored when travelling any more. So that means that the laptop I am looking at is a MacBook Air. I like the idea that it is lightweight and small. I also like that I would have iMovie at my disposal.

There are a few problems however….firstly how does the one trackpad no button mouse work? I have never used any apple computer and the thought of no mouse buttons (I’m used to a left and right mouse button on my laptop) scares me a little. Secondly the big problem is the price… it isn’t a cheap piece of equipment. We are talking three times the price of a regular laptop. Is it worth the extra price I wonder?

So here I am, asking your opinions. Do you have a MacBook? Are they worth all the extra dollar or are there good laptops that aren’t Apple? The purpose of my laptop is mostly blog post writing and possible video editing so I will need it to be able to do both. 

If you do YouTube and blog, tell me what you use to do everything on, I am very much open to suggestions.

Lots of Love,

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