Monday, 7 July 2014

Cath Kidston Spot 2 Fold Toiletry Bag

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Last week I shared with you a little Cath Kidston Haul that I treated myself to and the main reason that it was placed was for one thing..the 2 Fold Toiletry Bag. It was bored in mind with me using it to take all the make up that I needed to take with me to my friend's wedding. If you didn't already know I had offered to the bride's and fellow bridesmaids' make up as it is something I enjoy. This did mean that I had to take with me more options than I normally did.

The thing I liked about this style of bag is that it has the two sections and both have the clear covers. This means that you can see everything in the section, which saves rummaging around to find one thing that has gone to the bottom of the bag. 

Size wise it is perfect. It fits a great deal of things, when I used it in one side I was able to fit two MAC 15 space palettes and a big handful of lipsticks  and there was still a little space left. I was very impressed. 

Other things that I enjoy, the fact it is wipe clean and that it has a handle. The fact it is wipe clean is a bonus because it is very easy to get something on the bag, such as foundation or eyeshadow (you get the idea...I'm clumsy). 

I love that it has a handle on the outside because it's easy to move around from room to room, from suitcase to desk. You haven't got to try and sneak it under your arm whilst trying to carry a hundred other things worrying that you'll drop it and break your £30 bottle of foundation which is sat on the inside...thats right I can be that clumsy. I didn't have any worries with this bag, my foundation remained intact and snug in the bag.

For a quick look at how much space you get I thought I'd share a picture of the bag full with everything I took. There will be a full post of everything I took next week, so this is a little sneak peek.

So there you go, a rave review of a purchase I am very glad it did. If you want one for yourself, I shall leave the link HERE and they retail for £16, which I think is a great price for something I know I am going to get a lot of use out of in the future.

What do you think?

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  1. I love this toiletry bag! I think Cath Kidston do really great makeup/toiletries bags as the material and design are always so practical and they're super pretty as well :) Xx

    A Blonde Moment


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