Wednesday, 25 June 2014

New Year of Blogging, Some New Changes

Hey there,

So something might have (or A Bit of This and That to its friends) has now disappeared and welcome now to The Love of All Things Beauty. After two years of being A Bit of This and That, I got the two year itch and changed the blog name. If you want to know the reasons behind the name change I shall link HERE the post I wrote recently moaning about the old blog name.

Now onto the new blog name. I bet you are wondering why I picked the name I did. Well it came from something I said in my 100th YouTube Video when I said a big thank you to everyone who watches my videos and for letting me share my love of all things beauty with them. Just like that, a lightbulb appeared and The Love of All Things Beauty was born. After all, most of the reason that I started blogging two years ago was to share my love of beauty with anyone who will spend the time to read and to make friends with like minded people.

So I don't think I've said yet... Welcome to, thats right I'm a now, how fancy is that?

The design was created by Serena from Pretty Wild Things and don't you think she's done an amazing job. I am the worst person to work with when it comes to blog designing because although I have ideas I have no idea to get them out. Add on top of that that I was changing blog name, link,moving all my bloglovin readers over and I also decided half way to a domain, she helped with everything telling me what I needed to do in simple terms because well I'm not the most technically minded people.

Before I go, I thought I'd quickly talk about what will be going on here. I shall be blogging five times a week (Monday-Friday) and there will be a loose schedule going with them. On Tuesday and Thursday, like before the reincarnation of this blog, I will share with you my two videos that I have posted that week. This is just so that if for any reason you miss a video of mine you can use this blog a little like an iplayer of sorts and catch up when you are ready.

On Monday, Wednesday and Friday there will be posts with a little more writing on them. It could be on any topic, it could be a review, it's just up to how I'm feeling that week. It could be beauty but I'm going to still throw in a life or fashion post every so often, just for a change.

So there you go, welcome to The Love of All Things Beauty. Please make it feel welcome and I'll talk to you again soon.

Lots of Love,

P.S On Saturday 21st June, this blog celebrated it's 2nd birthday so look out for a special something next week (wink wink)

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  1. OOh I absolutely love it and I love the name, though all things lipstick would have been you ;) xx
    Beautyqueenuk xx


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