Friday, 23 May 2014

Things I've bought #1

Hey there,

So I've been spending again...not on purpose, it was an accident, my card just flew out of my purse and just happened to make things come into my possession. Any one else have that problem?

Anyway, this haul is kind of a mixed bag so let's just get going shall we? First stop... Boots!!

So I visited a Boots a couple of weeks ago, when the 3 for 2 offer was still on, thus why I have three things in the second photo. The "high street" items I picked up were a Revlon Lip Butter in Lollipop, the Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation in Light Porcelain and an Essie nail polish in Fashion Playground. All three I think will be summer essentials so look out for reviews etc soon.

Also from Boots I visited Estee Lauder. I was on the look out for a Bridesmaid appropriate lipstick (like you do) and I came across a Pure Colour Envy Lipstick called Desirable. It is a nudey pink that I'm sure I'll share with you soon. I also managed to get two colour testers of Estee Lauder Double Wear after I bought it but it turned out to be the absolute wrong shade. 

I have also picked up two eyeshadow palettes recently. First up, the MAC Warm Neutrals Palette. I already had the cool palette but I thought this would be a good palette for the summer months, PLUS I'm helping the other bridesmaids do their make up so I thought having this in my eyeshadow stock would be an investment. 
The other palette I have recently got my hands on is the Urban Decay Electric Palette. If you read my post on my day with Intu Merry Hill Debenhams you may have heard me talk about the MUA using this palette on me. Well it was love at first sight so using the 10% off Debenhams offer and also a nice £15 worth of points I'd gathered together, I treated myself to the palette for the nice price of £19.

Finally, meet my two new babies. Some of you might know that I do three exercise classes a week. Well my theory of exercise is if you have pretty shoes I will want to put them on and do exercise. So whilst ASOS had a deal on shoes and whilst I found a 30% off offer floating around, I treated myself to these. What do you think?

So there you go. What do you think of my haul? What's your favourite bit? Tell me down in the comments.

Lots of Love,



  1. I'd love to see a post about the Urban Decay electric palette! Can't say I'm surprised to see a MAC purchase in there - is there anything you don't own yet? You little addict you hehe!

    Simone | Thirty Something OAP

  2. Wow, amazing haul! :) I love the Lollipop lip butter, it's such a pretty colour :)

    The Oxford Owl

  3. The first pair of trainers is adorable! Loving the beauty picks as well, although I'm not keen on the UD palette x


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