Monday, 5 May 2014

Natural Collection Solo Eyeshadows

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If you have been around with me for a while, especially if you are a watcher of my videos, you will know that I have recently come across a little gem from the high street thats a great bargain. Priced at £1.79 each meet my current go to work wear eyeshadows.

Meet left to right Willow, Snowstorm and Milk Chocolate. Such simple colours but as you can see they pack a punch. No rubbish eyeshadows here, these babies have a good deal of pigmentation.

Like you can see I have three of them and out of the three I use Willow the most. I use it almost daily as it is a lovely shimmery nude shade, along the same lines as MAC All That Glitters, Naked Lunch and the alike. In fact think of a slightly shimmered MAC Brule and you've got the colour of Willow. It's a perfect all over the lid shade.

Milk Chocolate is a milky chocolate colour. It is a good crease shade for me and also good for all over the eye. Snow Storm is the whitest of of whites with an iridescence to it. That means its a good highlight colour.

There are more shades available but I am yet to pick them up. Have you tried any? Let me know below in the comments.

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  1. I like the look of willow x

  2. I tried these quite recently, picking up a brown and a black. Fantastic pigmentation considering the price, especially the black! Must try more of the range though! Great post lovely! :D x

  3. I have never tried their eyeshadows before but after reading this, I am intrigued :) great post
    Amira xox


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