Friday, 9 May 2014

McBusted 2nd May 2014

Hey there,

So today I thought I'd share with you all what I did last Friday night. Last week I went to the LG Arena in Birmingham with two of my old university friends to see the wonderful McBusted. For any people out there who don't know who they are (though I'm sure there isn't), McBusted is a "supergroup" made up of Matt Willis and James Bourne from Busted along with all four members of McFly (Harry Judd, Danny Jones, Dougie Poynter and Tom Fletcher).

I grew up listening to both bands and I think my first boy band crushes were on them (Dougie is the reason I got into men with tattoos...phwoar) so it was really great to actually see them all in the flesh. To top it all off I was very close to the front, there was only a few rows back so it was amazing.

I shall now share with you some pictures...they are all phone photos so the quality is differing.

Sorry for the blurriness, it's an UFO

I think I managed to get a picture of everyone but Harry, he was hiding behind his drum kit. It was a great experience seeing them live, singing along to every song that they have ever wrote. I screamed a lot, cheered a lot and I even had a little boogie.

They had three support acts, who all came on stage for 10-15 minute sets before the main event. Let's just say they were interesting. They were alright but nothing in comparison to the real deal.

Overall, let's just say, the love is still strong between me and these men. They have grown up well and I shall definitely be hunting out for tickets again next time they are on tour.

Have you seen McBusted on tour? Tell me your thoughts down in the comments.

Lots of Love,



  1. I definitely didn't know what McBusted was and I'm still none the wiser. I've led a pop music free life, haha!

  2. so jealous! when i saw Busted back in the day, McFly supported them...kind of the same thing? haha

    lisatakespictures xo

  3. Ah so jell, this looks amazing! I always loved busted, I liked mcfly too but it was always busted that were my true loves haha! x


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