Tuesday, 13 May 2014

May Big Beauty Haul

Hey there,

So recently I have been doing a lot of spending. Not on purpose, it's just everything has come in a big clump and I'm not quite finished yet. I have said once my last little bit has been bought/ordered I am on a kind of spending ban until the August Meet Up. It won't be a strict ban because I suck at those but it shall be a conscious effort not to spend.

ANYWAY.... I did a little Boots, Selfridges and a few other places, a little (haha maybe a bit more than a little) beauty shopping was done. Lip products , a very hyped up foundation and two palettes amongst other things were bought.

I have embeded the video above, so feel free to click the play button and check it out. I have a post coming up very shortly with a few added extras that I picked up at the weekend whilst I attended an event at Merry Hill, so look out for that and tell me in the comments what you have bought recently.

Lots of Love,

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