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Do you wanna come to a meet up...London August Meet Up 2014

Hey there,

Excuse the title, I'm a tiny bit obsessed with Frozen at the moment. The soundtrack is constantly playing on my Spotify account and I seem to be listening to it everytime I am writing posts. 

ANYWAY... About a month ago, I let slip that I was planning  a meet up in London in August. The exact dates I went for were SATURDAY 16th and SUNDAY 17th AUGUST.

All the details about what's going on each day were put in the last post which you can read HERE so I won't annoy you by repeating everything I said before.


If you haven't read any of the past posts, its a two day thing meet up extravaganza with Saturday being a Meet Up with Dirty Martini Covent Garden Fun followed by shopping and then Sunday will be a nice relaxed breakfast, a little more shopping, a gossip and then home. BUT SERIOUSLY check out the post above to read through everything.

The purpose of this post is to get a feel of numbers. You see I have already posted twice about the meet up and I have many different lists of people and when they want to come (whether it's Saturday, Sunday or both). Just so I can get numbers together and start to organise things slowly because I've got a few things going on in the next few months and I want to enjoy those but also make the meet up as exciting/good as it can be.

If you would like to come, even if you have said anything before can you please put down below:
  • whether you want to come and what your name is
  • which day you are planning on coming (Saturday, Sunday or Both)
  • your email or twitter (so I can contact you easily)
  • a budget you would be happy with for a little swap I've got planned (£5, £10, More?)
I think that's it for now but as long as I have a way of contacting you (pestering you...same thing) then any other questions can be asked later on. 

Just let me know in the comments if you want to come party with me and make some new friends and meet up with some old ones. Tell your friends and fellow bloggers and I hope to see you in August.

Lots of Love,



  1. Definitely want to come! Shona C.
    I'm planning on coming just on Saturday
    @shonalouiseblog or
    Max £10 budget for swap

  2. Oo yes please!
    Probably just Saturday as it would be expensive for me to come both days, but it depends on funds!
    Maybe £10 ish! xxx

  3. Oooh I do! I could probably only do the Saturday though, sounds like fun! I'd be happy spending £10 on a bag of goodies :) My twitter is @lblenx


  4. I'd love to come! I'm Alice from
    Both days would work, but ideally Saturday :)
    You can get me on and @alicebrazier
    £10 is fab for a little goodie swap :)

    Looking forward to meeting you all! Love your blog :) x

  5. I'd be interested if I'm free, but I'd like the cost to be low as trains / accommodation are expensive. If you need a hand organising it, I'm for up helping out.

    p.s. you have all my deetz

  6. I'd be interested!
    Kristina / @KrisEvilCupcake

  7. Yes to Saturday only, budget up to a tenner. @unevenlemming and unevenlemming @
    I think thats everything...

  8. I'd be interested, Saturday only, and £10 - £15 budget x

  9. I'm definitely in on this!
    Name: Siobhan Salter
    Want to attend both days
    Twitter: @Si0bhanEmma
    Budget: Between £10.00-£15.00

    Looking forward to it! xx

  10. Yes please! Definitely the Saturday, not sure on Sunday yet.
    Budget ideally £10.


  11. I'm happy to come on Saturday! :)
    Em Ford
    Twitter: @mypaleskinblog
    budget £10-£15

  12. Saturday and £10 :) like Sara, you have all my details x

  13. Never heard of this before so exciting. Yes i would love to come. Saturday only. Email and twitter is mookie7x7 . Budget £10-15.

  14. Yes I would love to come!
    Steph James
    @juststephblog Email is
    and Saturday probs! :) xxx

  15. I'm hoping Saturday :)) xxx

  16. I'd love to come for both days!

    P.S I know we don't live too far so if you help organising or getting stuff down there then let me know!

  17. Hopefully will be able to come on the Saturday :) x

  18. Sounds great fun.
    I'd love to come the Saturday!
    budget about £10

  19. I'd love to come to the saturday! Can't remember if I replied. Budget around £10?


  20. This comment has been removed by the author.

  21. Saturday and £10 budget :)

  22. I would love to come on the Saturday - I need to just double check I am back from holiday but this event sounds fab! £10 budget would work well for me! xx

  23. Ahh i really would love to come to the blogging event! I think saturday will probably be better for me but i'll have to double check :)
    £10 budget would be fine, and my email is or twitter @lifeasapetite :) x
    | Life as a Petite || Fashion, Crafts & Lifestyle Blog |

  24. Im interested too. Im coming from essex if anyone wants to go together xx and twitter is @jenjbboutique xx

  25. I'd love to come on the Saturday and maybe the Sunday. £10 budget will be fine. I'll be coming from the West Midlands aswell so we can maybe catch the same train. Twitter is @stacysstylesecrets or :) xx


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