Friday, 30 May 2014

Clare visits...Bodnant Garden

Hey there,

About a month ago now, I went out for the day with my parents into the land of my forefathers (well technically's my mum that is Welsh) and we made a little trip over the border to Wales to visit Bodnant Garden.

Bodnant Garden is a National Trust property located near Colwyn Bay, North Wales. It is an 80 acre garden filled with the most beautiful flowers and great views of Snowdonia. For this post, I am going to let my pictures do all the talking.

Magnolia Tree... One of my favourite plants.

So many colours so little time. Like I said this visit was about a month ago, if you visited today the garden could look different. Ahh the beauty of nature.

So there you go... normal blogging will resume on Monday but I hope you enjoyed this little get away.

Lots of Love,

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