Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Recent Buys

Hey there,

So over the past few weeks I have been doing a little shopping, not enough to record a haul for my YouTube Channel but enough to show you all what I got. So enjoy as I show all my recent buys.

So up first, I picked up two books during a recent food shop with the family. I have read books by both authors before and I really enjoy their writing so I picked up these two books for £3.99 each. Currently reading the Sophie Kinsella book so I shall tell you what I think when I'm finished.

Next up, a MAC Product. Now I have been waiting for this product since it came on sale. It is the MAC Cool Neutrals Palette. This pre-made palette costs £65 and has 15 cool toned eyeshadows in it, some are permanent shades, some new and some re-promoted . If you want a review let me know.

Next up, I bought three pairs of nude shoes. I am a bridesmaid in my one of my best friends' weddings in June. We are buying our own shoes and they need to be nude. So I currently buying/ordering shoes and I'm currently making decisions on which ones will be the best. The top pair are from Marks and Spencers and the other two are New Look.

Finally we have this pretty dress from New Look. It was described on the site as Mint, which I have to say it isn't... in reality it is a quite bright light green but it's still a really good dress. Plus it was £14.99 so it doesn't break the bank.

So there you go. What do you think of this "little" haul of mine?

Lots of Love



  1. I like the third pair of shoes best xx

  2. Oh, I love that dress but I just find New Look so short recently.

  3. I want one of those mac palettes so bad but not sure whether to get the cool or warm one! I'm glad they're permanent palettes!

    Vicky xo

  4. Oh I want the MAC palette! Also I love John Green but haven't read that number, so might have to pick it up too!

    Fox & Feather

  5. I love me some Sophie Kinsella! Looks like you got some great things :)


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