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My MAC Neutrals Palette

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If you are a MAC fan (of which I'm sure there are a few about), you will know that MAC have recently brought out two pre made neutral palettes, the Cool Neutrals and Warm Neutrals palettes. As you might have seen in my Recent Buys, I am now the owner of the Cool Neutrals palette (I'm also considering purchasing the Warm Palette) but I haven't had chance to play with it yet so today, I thought I'd share with you my MAC Neutral Palette.

This palette was created by me and I picked all of the shades that are in it. In case you are wondering, the eyeshadow palette consists of the palette (£14), an 15 space insert (£6.50) and 15 pans (£10 each). So without further ado let's look at the palette.


So if you are more of a watcher than a reader, I finger swatched them all for my YouTube Channel and that video can be found above. However if you have come from there and want to see the swatches then please carry on.

I am going to swatch them for you all in threes, starting from the left hand side to the right. So up first the shades Naked Lunch, All That Glitters and Gleam.

L-R Gleam, All that Glitters and Naked Lunch
These three are what I call my base shades. They are three shades that I can wear on their own or I can layer them under other shadows. All three of them are shimmery shades with Naked Lunch being a little shimmery, Gleam being full on glitter and All that Glitters being in between. I do have to say if I was do it all again, I wouldn't buy all three (I probably wouldn't buy Gleam again, I never use it).

L-R Shale, Quarry and Vex

Vex is a shade that I have had for a while but haven't actually properly played with. It is a white/cream base with a green and purple duochrome effect running through it. Quarry is a plummy brown shade, so simple to work with and blend. I believe it would make a good crease colour (although I haven't tried it yet). Shale like quarry has a hint of brown to it, however it has more of a purple tone to it, with a little hint of shimmer.

L-R Woodwinked, Tempting and Amber Lights

Woodwinked is a lovely chocolatey golden brown, which is a perfect all over the lid. It is a shade which Tanya Burr used to go on about a while ago but no-one seems to speak about it anymore. Tempting is what I like to call Woodwinked's slightly darker cousin. It is a more deep chocolate colour with golden shimmer running through it. Amber Lights is a lovely orangey gold colour, which is a stand out shade in any palette thanks to it's colour. 

L-R Antiqued, Sable and Mulch

Mulch is another shade I have in my palette, yet I don't often use it. It is described by MAC as a Red-Brown with Bronze Pearl. I myself don't see the red in it but I do agree with the rest. I call it  a deep brown with a bronze shimmer. Sable is a very similar shade to Woodwinked, they are both light brown shades with shimmer. The difference is that Sable is a lighter shade. Antiqued is a copper toned brown with a slight bronze shimmer to it.

L-R Club, Satin Taupe and Wedge

Let's just say this... Wedge isn't the best eyeshadow. I struggle to get a colour from it as you can see from the finger swatch. MAC eyshadows on the whole have great pigmentation but there are a couple that I have tried which are a little bit rubbish and Wedge is one of them.
Satin Taupe is a shade that is much talked about amongst bloggers and vloggers alike. It is a silvery taupe colour which is a lovely shade but it's not one that I wear to often. 
Finally Club, a wonderful shade which looks so simple in the pan but on the eye it is beautiful, the swatch doesn't do it justice. Club is a brown based eyeshadow with a green duo chrome running through pretty.

 Here are all 15 together:

top to bottom. Club, Satin Taupe,Antiqued, Sable, Mulch, Woodwinked, Tempting, Amber Lights, Shale, Quarry, Vex, Gleam, All That Glitters, Naked Lunch

There is my MAC Neutral Palette, the first of many that I have ( I have 3 15 space palettes and a quad... what can I say I have problems). I have plans to show every single eyeshadow I have from MAC so let me know whether you'd like to see them.

What are your favourite MAC Eyeshadow? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. Youve picked some great colours there! awesome post x

  2. I think this has convinced me to go for either Sable or Wedge to fill another space in my quad! x


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