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London Summer Meet Up

Hey there,

Remember me? 
Sorry I haven't been around for the past week. Due to unforeseen events, I had to take a week away from blogging. Don't worry though it was nothing bad, its just couldn't have been helped.

Anyway onto the real reason you are probably here and that is to learn about the summer meet up that I am planning in London. Well there have been some updates so I thought I would share them with you.

As previously stated everything is going down on SATURDAY 16th and SUNDAY 17th AUGUST. The reason that it is two days is that it worked nicely as a 2 day event when Helen did it herself last year. It doesn't mean you need to do both days, it's totally up to you all but it would be cool if you did.


So I bet you are wondering what the plans are? Well...

SATURDAY: Saturday begins around 12.30pm in Covent Garden. There is a bar in the central area of Covent Garden called Dirty Martini and I have arranged for us to start the meet up there. This will give everyone chance to meet each other in a nice relaxed place. Sadly according to their licencing laws, there are no under 18s allowed in the bar, which I know affects some people. There is a plan being sorted for you so don't worry. 

As I am coming from the Midlands by train, there is no way that I could bring goody bags with me. So here is the plan... each attendee buys a collection of their favourite things (maximum budget £5) and brings them to the event. On arrival you will receive a raffle ticket and that will relate to a goody bag which someone else has bought and that will be your treat... what do you think of this idea?

After the meet and greet, its onto the important bit.....SHOPPING!!! One of the best places in the UK to shop is London, so why not take advantage of the situation and shop until you drop.

SUNDAY: As I said in the last post, the plan is to have a two day event with some people staying for both days. So I think the first thing to do on the Sunday will be to go for a group breakfast somewhere (suggestions welcome). Then after that a more relaxed day of shopping and chatting before everyone has to leave.

What do you think? Would you like to come?
Let me know in the comments if you want to attend and when (either Saturday, Sunday or both) and please leave your email/twitter along with your comment just so I can keep you up to date with things easily.

Lots of Love,



  1. Hi :) Would love to attend both but sadly I know already I wont be able to get the whole weekend off, I might be able to wangle a Sunday and couldn't imagine a better bunch of ladies to brunch with! :D

    I'd be more than happy bringing a goodie bag of sorts, and if its up for debate, I'd be happy with a maximum of £20 :) might be hard to fill a bag with favorites if the maximum is £5, it might be a typo :P

    email -
    Twitter - @Fatbeautyx

  2. I would like to attend one day but it's a bit too early to know if I can make either date. When do you need to know by?

  3. I'd probably only be able to afford to come on the Saturday :) Can't wait! @shonalouiseblog Also I like the idea of us creating our own goody bags, the max I'd want to spend is £10 xx

  4. I would love to come, it sounds so much fun, but I'm going to be on my honeymoon!

  5. I'm there on the Sat as Hubby's agreed to look after Beth for the day. Love the goodie bag idea, want to find some hidden gems :-D

  6. Go on then, dangerous near that MAC store though ;) x

  7. Count me in for both days.

  8. Oh I would definitely like to come along for both days! And I love the idea of the raffle goodie bags! My email is

  9. I'd love to come! I'd have to comfirm what day as it's my BFs birthday and my niece is expecting a baby around that time!!!! :)

  10. Sounds good, although is £5 limit not a bit low?

  11. Hey I would love to come! There's an amazing pancake house in holborn we could go to for breakfast on Sunday! My twitter is @juststephblog xx

  12. sounds good in theory - might be up for the sunday, (alhtough may be at a wedding in newcastle!!)

  13. I'd be interested in coming! There's a small chance I won't be able to as I am due to have surgery but *hopefully* it'll be after that date! I can do either day but I'm not sure on DM - I go there quite a lot and it's horrifically crowded and hard to hear no matter what time you're there! My twitter is @pinkconfettiuk

    Nicola //

  14. Hey lovely!
    I'd definitely be interested :) It will be dependent on work tthough near the time.
    My twitter is hdotxo and email is :)


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