Friday, 18 April 2014

Feeling Flirty in a Fifties Dress

Hey there,

So I often ask your opinions on things dear readers, to me you are all like a massive group of friends I take shopping and I ask your opinions because I really care. 

I haven't written a post like this in a long time but today I need you help. I have recently been looking at dresses for a few things and events I have got going on in the summer time and I've decided that I would like another 50s style dress.

Why you ask? Well for one thing, their designs are timeless. The fit of a 50s style design hits be in all the right places, it fits well over my boobs and skims over my hips flowing out into a lovely full skirt.

So I have picked a few dresses for you to have a look at, lets have a look shall we?

So these two both have beautiful patterns. The one on the left has a butterfly pattern, which is a similar to a few other items in my wardrobe. Its also a really simple colour that I think I could wear a few make up looks with.

The Mint Bird patterned dress was one of my favourites when I first saw but now,I'm not so sure about. I'm not sure if the pattern is a bit samey. Opinions?

Next up the battle of the black spotty dresses, one halterneck and one with normal straps. I like the black and white spots because I can go all out hair and make up wise with them... you know red lips, eyeliner flick, pin curls..the whole shebang. PLUS I have a 50s style black petticoat with red edging which I can put underneath which I think would look cool.

The final two are completely different styles. The one of the left is colourful and made in the Hepburn style. The one on the right is a little sailor like in style, I actually think this one isn't as smart looking as the rest so I'd be worried to wear it to a more formal event.

So there you go, there are 6 dresses for your consideration. Which are you favourites? Which one do you think I should pick up?

Lots of Love,



  1. I do think the mint bird pattern is the nicest for summer or if you want something that can take you into autumn aswell then the final floral one is good too. I love the fit of this style of dress too :)
    Let us know what you pick,

  2. I absolutely love the mint bird, that's my top favourite and the blue polka dot dress but I think if you have a big bust, the bow may look weird. But overall I prefer the mint bird. Look forward to your end result, :D.

    Toria (

  3. They are all stunning but I do love the colourful Hepburn one xx

  4. LOVE the mint one. Get it! And the polka halterneck, sexy ;)

    Laura | Laurzrah xx

  5. I love the black polka dot dress!


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