Tuesday, 29 April 2014

April Hits and Misses

Hey there,

So April is nearly finished and we are very close to May, which means a few things in my calendar are getting closer to happening. For me this year, June is a big month as I have two birthdays and my oldest best friend's wedding going on in it. Then in August, I turn 24 and the London Summer Meet Up... Let's just say I'm excited for Summer.

As it is nearly the end of April it is that time, FAVOURITES!!! I have done something slightly different this month in that I have done Hits and Misses, things I've loved and things that I haven't.


I actually liked sharing my misses, although I thought someone would have had a go for me one of the things I think is a miss.  I have a few exciting (well I think so)videos in the pipe line and after last month's little near one year YouTube itch, I'm so ready to see what happens next. Thank you to all the comments in last week's post, your words helped me realise a few things I had forgotten.

What are your favourites this month? What have you not enjoyed?
Let me know in the comments below.

Lots of Love,


  1. Although it was on your misses list I love citrus scents so much that I'm going to try out the range when I'm next out and about!

    1. I would... the smell just wasn't to my taste xx


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