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The Life in Letters Tag

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Shona from Fresh Beauty xox recently tagged me in the Life in Letters Tag. This tag does what it says on the tin, it's all about my life using the letters of the alphabet to help. Without further a do in my rambling fashion lets go.

Life in Letters Tag

A is for Aeroplanes... I have a fear of them, well not exactly the plane itself more being in one and it taking off... I have a fear of flying, don't know how it started but I petrified of getting in one to go on holiday. Luckily my family go on holiday in the UK. 
I could have also gone for A Bit of This and That. The name of the blog you are reading.

B is for Blogging... I have so much to thank blogging for... I made some amazing friends, I have tried some amazing brands and I have gained confidence in myself.. thanks blogging.

C is for Clare... that is moi... bonjour!!

D is for Dogs... I'm a dog person, always have been. My family pet is a dog called Snowy and he is wonderful. 

E is for Exercise... I do three exercise classes a week at my local leisure centre. I enjoy going to them as it gets me out of the house and keeps me fit.

F is for Friends... I love my friends. Some people have been in my life for decades others only a year or so but I could live without my friends and I love each and everyone of them.

G is for Gilmore Girls... I currently am watching the final series of Gilmore whilst I write up my blog posts for the week.

H is for Happy Times... There have been times in my life where I have been very reclusive, quiet and have felt very down. I spent a lot of time growing up reflecting on all the bad times and over the past few years I have instead remembered all the happy times in my life, all the friends I have gained, all the lovely holidays I've been on etc.

I is for the Internet... I spend 80% of my day on the internet in some way, whether it's blogging or watching YouTube videos. Then there is the times I am on Pinterest looking at pretty things, tweeting random things or just internet window shopping.. let's just say I'm attached to my laptop a lot of the time.

J is for Jane Austen... this one took me a while to think of but it came to me half way through painting my nails. I am a big fan of Jane Austen. The men she writes are in my eyes the perfect men, so refined and caring. Anyone know where I can find my Mr Darcy?

K is for Kasabian... I might have mentioned it before but at heart I am a little rocker/rock chick. I was brought up listening to classic rock music from my dad's youth and then when I became a teenager I immediately went towards the rock kids at school (the alternatives, the goths/emos). Anyway the reason K is for Kasabian is that it wasn't until many years later I got the chance to see a rock band live and that was Kasabian. They were amazing live and I'd love to see them again one day maybe.

L is for Lipsticks... Could it be anything else from me? We all know why I'm Lipstick Obsessed.

M is for Musicals... I am a musical geek. 60% of my iPod is musical songs, I visit the theatre at least 6 times a year to watch a musical. I sing them all round the house and out in public walking home from work. All in all I'm a little musical obsessed.

N is for Natalie... She is my oldest best friend. We met each other in Reception and we are still best friends. We have known each other for getting on for 21 years now and I'm so excited that I am going to be a bridesmaid when she gets married in June.

Here is me and Natalie at a friend's wedding two years ago

O is for Obsession... My make up obsession is the reason I started my blog and it is the thing that has kept me going for nearly two years on this blog now.

P is for Purple... Purple is my favourite colour.

Q is for Quizzes... I love watching quiz shows and going to pub quizes. I have a lot of useless information in my brain so it's always good to get some of it out sometimes.

R is for Romcoms... I love a good romcom, I love that everything ends happily ever after.

S is for singing... I spend a lot of my time singing to myself, I swear I'm not mad.

T is Twitter... I love Twitter. I actually think I'm addicted. Recently when it went down for half an hour, I felt like I had lost an arm or something.

U is for umbrella... I have a rather large collection of umbrellas. Thanks to the amount of handbags I have, I have gained a large

V is for Vino... or wine.. either way I don't like it. I am 90% Tea Total.

W is for Welsh... I am half welsh on my mother's side. I love the accent and find it very soothing and reminds me of family.

X is for Xylophone... I once played the xylophone in a school concert when I was 13. I am that cool.

Y is for YouTube... I love YouTube, I spend far too much of my life on that site, whether its watching videos or editing my own (YT channel: abotat90).

Z is for zzzz... I borrowed this one from Shona but I literally couldn't think of everything so instead I had a snooze.

There are all 26 letters in my life done. I hope you enjoyed this post, I tag Laura, Louise and Zoe. So go forth and be merry.

Lots of Love,

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  1. I would have been shocked if you didn't put Lipsticks for L haha! <3 xx


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