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MUA Pretty Edgy Palette

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If you didn't already know, I'm a big lover of eyeshadows. Apart from lipsticks I think that a good eyeshadow can turn a look from alright to "BAM!I look amazing". My eyeshadow collection is very varied, I have lots from different brands, all of which have purposes, and I definitely have a mix of the drugstore/highstreet and also some more higher end brands like Urban Decay and MAC.

When I visited London in January, I walked into a Superdrug and walked straight to the MUA stand. Out of the brands that are available in the shops on the high street, MUA is definitely one of my favourites when it comes to eyeshadows. Their colour selection is good and their palettes are rather cheap but still well pigmented. 
So when I walked past the stand and saw that there was a new palette I thought it was my duty to pick it up so I could review it for you all.

This palette is called the MUA Luxe Pretty Edgy Eyeshadow Palette.

MUA Pretty Edgy Palette
Top Row L-R = Antique, Bow, Toile, Ruffle, Flounce, Lace
Bottom Row = Sinful, Gothic, Wrath, Envy

L-R = Toile, Bow, Antique

L-R Lace, Flounce, Ruffle

L-R  Wrath, Gothic, Sinful, Envy

See what I mean about pigmented.. there isn't a dud one amongst them. There are even some eyeshadows that are better than ones I already owned. Like Envy (the black) is better than other blacks I have including MAC Carbon.

I also have to say that there are a few of the eyeshadows that are very similar to MAC shadows I have. For example the colour Bow is like MAC All that Glitters.

I bought this palette because I thought it would be like the Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette. I was wrong. Instead I have another palette with some amazing eyeshadows in. Like I said before they all have great pigmentation and the price of the palette is great too. You can pick this palette up from your local Superdrug or from the MUA website for the price of £8.

What do you think of this palette? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. I have wanted this palette for so long but it always seems to be out of stock online & never in my nearest superdrug :/ The shades look amazing & I adore the packaging (: xx

  2. It looks like a really good palette! And for £8 is even better! Apparently Superdrug aren't stocking MUA products anymore which is a shame as it's a brilliant brand! Xx

  3. Oooh, I like the look of this. But I'm not the biggest fan of the packaging!
    Estelle x
    Let Me Go Xo

  4. I wanted to buy this but wasn't sure whether to because I had quite a few selections of eyeshadows anyway but guess you can't have too many then because sometimes, just that little difference in the shady matters.

    Toria (

  5. Lovely packaging - very unusual for MUA and it looks like it's got decent pigmentation too :o) Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

  6. I have never seen this one before but it looks like something I would definitely buy!xx

  7. This looks like it'd be quite similar to the Urban Decay 3 x

  8. Am I the only person in the whole world who hates MUA eyeshadows? They might have great pigmentation but they simply do not blend on my eyelids! I end up with a patch in the middle and nothing else. I always end up using it then having to remove it and start again. I find them chalky as well. Am I doing something wrong?! :(

  9. Skipping past this on the stands before but now this is gonig to be the next thing I buy, the shades and pigmentation on this look amazing! xx

    Abby |


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