Monday, 17 March 2014

MAC Haul

Hey there,

So if you watched my video this weekend, you might have seen that I recently did a little MAC hauling and for once there wasn't a lipstick in sight..


So as you might be able to see I picked up a few bits recently, most of which I had been eyeing up for a while. So up first I picked up a new 15 palette and insert. I have been planning to buy a new one for a while now because they are so much easier to store and use than each individual pot.

To go with that new palette, I picked up four new eyeshadows to start the new palette off. I picked up the shades Brule, Patina, Beautiful Iris and Fig 1.

L-R Brule, Patina, Beautiful Iris, Fig 1

L-R Fig 1, Beautiful Iris, Patina and Brule

I picked up Brule and Patina as I have heard so much about these two shades but also because I have seen a few wedding make up videos recently because one of my best friends is getting married this year. I want to know all the best products to suggest to her or even lend her for the big day, so I thought it's best to pick them up for myself.
The other two shades Beautiful Iris and Fig 1 were picked up because 1) I'm partial to a purple eyeshadow 2) purple is my favourite colour and 3) I needed a dark and light purple shade because the ones I own aren't great.

L-R Stay With Me, Well Dressed, Warm Soul

Top- Stay With Me
Middle- Well Dressed
Bottom- Warm Soul

Next up I jumped into the world of MAC Blushes. I knew I wanted to pick up Stay With Me, a light peachy coral shade, after it got applied on my face during a recent trip into a London MAC Pro store. It's such a simple but beautiful shade. 
Well Dressed and Warm Soul were both shades that I have heard talked about. Well Dressed is a light pink shade perfect for pale faced ladies as a little pop of colour on the cheeks. Warm Soul is a blush I was pressured into buying by Kayleigh and Laura via twitter and I am not going to say no to those two ladies. 

Finally I picked Cherry Lip Liner (which I haven't swatched for this post but it is a simple red lip liner) and I also picked up Painterly Paint Pot.

This product is so difficult to swatch as it is nearly skin colour. I tend to use paint pots as bases for other eyeshadows. They have the strength to hold the eyeshadow in place all day. I love a good paint pot and I'm glad I picked up Painterly as it is such a simple shade that is perfect for easy, lazy make up looks.

That is my complete MAC haul (for now), if you have seen my twitter recently you might know I possibly planning another shop soon but more on that another day. What do you think of my buys? What shades do you think I need in my new palette?

Lots of Love,



  1. I must have beautiful iris, it's such a lush colour!

  2. Mm, such a good haul. Stay with me is now on my list :) xx

  3. Hey! Wow great haul!! I don't own any MAC eyeshadows hopefully soon I will buy some!

  4. I own Brule and it's so easy to work with and goes with any eye look! I love Beautiful Iris and Fig 1, such gorgeous purples! Hope to see a look with them soon Clare :D x

    Jessica | Jessica’s Journal Blog ♥

  5. Wow! Well done - no lipstick! lol, I love the look of those blushers. I don't own any from MAC but after reading this post I really want to go and buy some now! Well dressed looks just like my colour! Can't wait to see what you fill your MAC palette with! xx

    Holly | Impatience is a Virtue

  6. I think I watched Nic from Pixiwoo do her bridal makeup on a video and she used Patina as one of her eyeshadows. Look forward to hearing your thoughts on it! xx

  7. Those blushes look so pretty! Really want to try the paint pots xx

    Abby |

  8. Great buys :) I'm not a massive Mac fan but I bought the cool neutral palette which I love! x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness

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