Friday, 28 March 2014

ASDA and Matalan Haul

Hey there,

So I recently did a little clothes shopping, not a lot but enough to show you all.  If you didn't know I'm a supply Teaching Assistant which means I never know where I'll be working.. its fun but hard work. Last week, whilst driving home from where I have been working recently I had to drive past a little retail park which has an ASDA home store and a Matalan. 

Of course it would be rude to not to pop in and have a wander round so here is the fruits of my purchases. 

Up first ASDA, I had seen the shirt online and it was actually half the reason I stopped by and had a look around. It is a lovely mint colour and it is oversized, perfect for Spring/Summer. Plus it was only £12...BARGAIN.
 Whilst looking around the accessories section I also saw the necklace, which is a simple mint gem and gold chain necklace, it's not too crazy and I can already see myself wearing it a lot. It was £6.

Next up, I did the two minute walk to Matalan!! Again I picked up a few things. Firstly something that I forgot to photo (cause I'm a numpty) and that is a mint green cami top. Following on with the mint theme, I picked up this striped mint shirt. It's a very relaxed and comfy shirt and I really like it. I had to pick it up in a size 20 because my boobs were too big for an 18 so it will always be that little bit oversized but oh well.
The final thing I picked up was the best skirt I've found in a while. I first saw it whilst watching morning telly on a day off I had the other week ( I believe it was on Lorraine but don't quote me). I saw it on the model and thought it looked lovely but didn't consider it as I didn't look anything like the model. Anyway... Whilst wandering around Matalan I happened to see it and thought I'd try it on because there wasn't any harm in trying. I fell in love and I was so happy I tried it on. To top it off, I bought it in a 16 (the 18 was too big...get in!!).

So there you go, my haul is complete. What do you think of the things I picked up?
Let me know down below in the comments.

Lots of Love,


  1. Lovely haul! The mint floral shirt is so pretty and I love that floral skirt - it's gorgeous! xx

    Beautee Beauty | follow me on bloglovin'

  2. Ooooh I LOVE that skirt Clare!

  3. The mint striped shirt is absolutely gorgeous! I have the problem with my boobs not fitting in but everywhere else being a bit too big, it can be very annoying so I sympathise.

    S xo.

  4. That skirt is amazing, you should totally wear it to the meet up tomorrow! :)x

  5. Love that skirt. So much love for Matalan at the moment.


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