Sunday, 9 February 2014

What would you like to win?


I am currently in the planning stages of a Valentines based giveaway here on my blog because you all are my valentines (lucky you!)

My problem is I can't decide on a prize. I thought maybe a lipstick because as you all know lipsticks are one of the loves of my life but I don't know whether to giveaway one from a certain brand (are MAC lipsticks overdone?) or whether to let you pick.

Or would you not want a lipstick at all? I need your thoughts... What would you like to win?

Lots of Love


  1. I think MAC lipsticks Are overdone, but not in a bad way! I think they're overdone because they're what people like :D I think Sooo many people would like to win a MAC lippie, it's one of those items that those who don't have one would really like to have and those who already have them would like to add to their collection :)

    Obviously not for everyone but I think they cater to many :) Maybe option of lipstick or? Maybe something else from the range that's the same price (paint pot?) That's what I'm thinking of for my giveaway (It's my birthday soon so I plan on sharing the love :D)

    1. Yup, just checked, it is paint pots that are £15 so same price as a lippie, that way if they aren't a lipstick fan they have another option :)

      That's my plan anyway

      Laura - xx

  2. I personally don't think you can have enough MAC lipsticks but why not do something a bit more personal that you love and would recommend?

  3. I think, whatever the prize we will be very happy, because you have so generously held a giveaway for us. :)


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