Friday, 21 February 2014

Valentines Day OOTD

Hey there,

So I thought today I would show you all what I wore on Valentines Day, which I spent doing food shopping, chinese eating and movie in bed watching. Of course I'm not going to show you my PJs (it's just not that type of blog) but here is what I wore to visit Sainsburys.

Excuse the moody face, don't know what was going on there but still the outfit. I wanted to be comfy but also wear some hearts... I know hearts and Valentines Day very original but oh well.

Starting on the top I wore a white and black monochrome heart print dress from Primark. This dress is old and has made an appearance on this blog before but it's an oldie and a goody so it's back. I then put on a long length cardigan from Marks and Spencers.

Moving down, on my legs I wore a pair of leggings from Tu at Sainsburys and then on my feet I wore a pair of Oxblood ankle boots from New Look. I love these boots, they are super comfortable for heeled boots and the colour makes them a little bit more special than black boots.

There you are my Valentines Day Outfit, nothing new and shiny, all old bits from my wardrobe but it's an outfit I really like so who cares. 

Lots of Love,



  1. I love this dress! so cute :) xx


  2. Love the dress! cute pattern!

  3. I think it's more important that you love an outfit than that it's made up of new things!

  4. This dress is so nice! TU leggins are great - they're really thick and opaque, unlike many others I've tried!


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