Monday, 3 February 2014

Targets for the Week #3


How are we all? Well I hope.
It's time for another targets post, so let's start with last week's targets...

  • Find new music for my YouTube Videos... This I did, I have been mooching on the YouTube Audio Library and found a few nice ditties to put in the background of my videos... Huzzah!!
  • Finally order the MUJI storage I need... Yep did this one too. I got the dispatch email on Thursday evening... I might show you what I've done when I've sorted it all out.
  • Begin Organising Meet Ups... This one not so much. However my current lot of work is coming to an end so I will start to have more time on my hands so watch this space.

This week's targets are....
  • Start my No Spend February Challenge properly... I have been doing a lot of spending recently and I need to have a break... therefore I am not going to any buying this month apart from any train tickets I need to buy or if I run out of anything that I have no replacements for. The reason I've added properly is that over the weekend just gone, I may have ordered a couple of things... oops.
  • To try almond milk....random target I know but I have heard good things and I believe it is healthier than dairy milk.
  • Find a place to hide for when my follow around vlog goes live on Wednesday. If you don't know I have a YouTube Channel ( and during my last trip to London, I filmed a follow me around vlog which is going live on Wednesday. It is my first proper vlog so I am really nervous. Follow my twitter @abotat90 to be the first to watch it.
So there are my targets for the week. What are yours?

Till Next Time,


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  1. I have some almond milk in my fridge but I just cant bring myself to try it ha x
    Beautyqueenuk xx


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