Friday, 7 February 2014

Off to the shops OOTD

Hey there,

Every so often I like to throw an OOTD your way. I don't do them too often as I am quite unfashionable compared some of the amazing fashion bloggers out there, but I do like to show how I style clothes on my frame and for my size so here it goes.

This outfit is simply what I wore to go and do the food shop last week but it is an outfit I'm quite proud of so without further a do...

Can I say I am in love with jumper? I wouldn't have know about it without watching the videos of Miss Budget Beauty. Its from George at ASDA and only cost £10. Its a great length, just skimming over the bum and the pop of neon is perfect for brightening up any outfit.

I just paired the top with a Primark statement necklace, New Look Inspire black jeggings and some brown heeled chelsea boots. A very simple outfit I'm sure you'll agree but it is one that I really enjoyed wearing and thought I'd share with you all.

What do you think?
Till Next Time,



  1. Sassy! Great to see you doing outfit posts Clare! Just work on finding your "pose" sbd your good to go :) x

  2. I found this top thanks to Khila too! I adore it, I actually think George in general have put out some lovely clothes recently. :)

    Maxine, xx

  3. You look lovely :) Love your jumper! x


  4. Love the jumper- you look lovely! xx

  5. I love that Jumper, George is a fab place to get some clothing bargains xx


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