Wednesday, 26 February 2014

If you could meet one Blogger/Youtuber.....

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So at the weekend on Twitter, I asked the question if you could meet one blogger/youtuber for 5 minutes who would it be and why.
I received a few responses and I thought I'd answer my own question today.



If I could meet one blogger/YouTuber for five minutes without a doubt it would be Louise from Sprinkle of Glitter. 

Why? Well without her, the blog you are currently reading would not exist. You see in June 2012, Louise ran an interactive blog series called 7 things in 7 days in which she said 7 things she would like to get done in 7 days in June. She asked her readers to join in the fun, creating their own posts which they could share in the comments so that everyone else could see.

Before this post, I had been a long time watcher of YouTube videos and I was slowly dipping my toes into reading blogs. I had often thought how cool it would be to write one for myself but never had the guts to. So when I saw this blog post asking for people to join in, I finally took the plunge and started A Bit of This and That. If you want to read the post that started everything you can see it HERE (it's a little cringey to look back but still).

Without this blog, I would be a completely different person to the one I am now. Thanks to this blog, I have gained confidence in myself that I lost a long time ago and with that confidence I have been able to go out and meet some of the most lovely people that I have ever met, some truly amazing people that I consider great friends.

For me, my blog is a little corner of the world where I can let my feelings fly free, where I can never feel alone because I know there is always the possibility of someone reading my thoughts. There are people out there who I know are there any time of the day and there is an amazing blogging community that I know are around any time of day or night who are available for a chat.

So to consider that if I had not seen Louise's post, plucked up the courage and started with that post how different my world would be now, it is just crazy. So if you asked me who I would meet even for five minutes it would be her, just so I could say Thank You really.

Who would you pick to meet for 5 minutes? Tell me in the comments down below.

Lots of Love,



  1. we all love sprinkle of glitter ;) x

  2. I would love to meet Judy from its judys life she's so gorgeous, :)
    Michelle from Minniemichelle xx

  3. I'd like to meet Laura from Heroine in Heels! I love her blog and she seems lovely! :)

  4. louise was one of the nicest youtubers I met last year, I can see exactly why you chose her! but I would have to pick Jack and finn xx

  5. Jane from British Beauty Blog as she was the one who inspired me to start mine.


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