Friday, 21 February 2014

Clare Visits....Bridgnorth

Hey Lovelies,

I recently asked what you would like to see more of and one suggestion was more lifestyle posts. So I have took it on board and here you are with a lifey post.

My family is a family that likes to go out for little rides in the car to places for a walk and seen as though this week has been half term, I decided to go along with them. On Tuesday, we visited a place called Bridgnorth, which is in Shropshire and its a place thats only 20-30 minutes away from where I live. 

Bridgnorth is a place I have visited many times in my lifetime, it's only a small town but it is built on a hill, which means you get a high town and a low town. There are two ways to get from one to the other... You can either walk it (up a rather steep hill or set of stairs) or you can use the Cliff Railway..Guess which way we went for. The picture below was taken on a bridge in the low town, you can just about see the Cliff Railway on it.

One of the reasons we took a visit was to see how the town had been affected by the recent weather conditions. Bridgnorth is situated on the River Severn, one of the worst affected rivers,so we wanted to see what the damage was. The picture below shows you what greeted us. It was taken from by our car park. After the wall, there should a walkway to the main bridge, which is quite wide (it stretches from the brick wall to the metal railings). As you can see there is no walkway there, it is completely covered over. The swans enjoyed it though.

Once we reached the high town, we went for a stroll around the castle walk, before walking along the high street. I took the time to take another picture of the flooding. It seemed weird for me to see a place that I know so well to be changed so much by the recent weather conditions.

After our walk, it was time to head back down the hill to the low town and back to our car but not before a trip into our favourite ice cream shop of choice... I know what you are thinking "Ice Cream in February are you mad?" 

Well dear reader, no I am not but thanks for asking. I was just returning back to health from a rather nasty stomach bug (which some of you might be aware of if you follow me on twitter.. long story cramps in my belly, stupidly thought I was invisible, attempted Zumba, nearly fainted) and when I was going through my I've been starved for two days, give me all the food available stage of my recovery. Plus the ice cream was chocolate and you all know it's against the law to reject chocolate ice cream!!

So there you go, a little insight into the world of me. Let me know what you think of this post and whether you would like to see more little post talking about my days out.

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  1. Oh I love Bridgnorth! Apart from blogging I'm also a Parapsychologist and on your first picture looking over the bridge, just to the left of the white building with the writing on, right next to the river is a little hotel called Basa Villa. I've been there with a group of friend's several times to investigate the building and it's the only location we've been to where something very strange happened while we were there. I won't bore you with anymore details in case it's not really your kind of thing, but it's a fab little place :)

    Becky @ The Little Blog of Beauty


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