Monday, 27 January 2014

Targets for the Week #2

Hey Lovelies,

How is your Monday going?
Last week I set myself some targets so let's see how I got on with them.

  • I will keep on top of my emails. I actually did keep up... I did have a quiet email week but every email that needed a response got one.
  • I will find recipes which use Sweet Potatoes. I didn't completely look for recipes but one did appear.... My lovely blogging friend, Laura, told me that I could make a very tasty Sweet Potato Mash if I added a little butter and a tiny bit of garlic to a mashed Sweet Potato.
  • Get round London on Friday alone without getting lost or into trouble. Well I didn't get lost but I did do a little spending (cough... a lot... cough) and I have a haul video coming up to prove it.
  • Find a next weeks saying. This one is the only one I haven't done. I have a few ideas but I have yet to pick one so any suggestions are welcome.

This week my targets are:
  • Find new music for my YouTube Videos... I have a YouTube Channel ( and the music I use in the back of some of the videos is the same music I have in every video. My job this week is to find some new music.
  • Finally order the MUJI storage I need...  I have been looking into some extra MUJI storage purchases for quite a while and I just haven't done it. There was a discount code floating 
  • around which I believe stops working at the end of the month so I need to use it soon.
  • Begin Organising Meet Ups... I have plans this year to organise a blog meet up or two and it is coming to the time when I need to try and plan.

What are your targets this week?

Till Next Time,


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  1. Get on to arranging the meets up ;) would love to come to another Brum meet-up! x


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