Monday, 20 January 2014

Targets for the Week #1

Hey Lovelies,

I thought it would be interesting to try something new on this blog as part of my attempt to bring a little more lifestyle back into this blog.

Every Monday I will set myself a little handful of "targets" or tasks to do during the week. So this week...

  • I will keep on top of my emails. I'm the queen of receiving emails through the week, not reading them properly and then just forgetting about them. I need to stop doing this so my target is to spend half an hour each night to just check through any emails I received during the day.
  • I will find recipes which use Sweet Potatoes. I picked up 2 sweet potatoes as part of the family food shop last Friday and well I don't know what to do with them. One thought is to make them into Sweet Potato wedges but that's it.
  • Get round London on Friday alone without getting lost or into trouble. 
  • Find a next weeks saying. If you follow me on instagram (@abotat90) you might have seen the picture below. I have a mini chalk board on my wall in my bedroom and every week or two I like to change the saying. As you can see the current phrase is "Don't dodge the storm, dance in the rain" which is a favourite of mine that has a lot of thought behind it.

Let's see whether I can crack these targets. What do you think of these targets, do you have any targets this week? Let me know in the comments below.

Till Next Time,


  1. Ooh, I love that little chalkboard! I might steal it (and the quote/saying). I like the little targets thing too, I do the same, and put them in my diary so I can see them each day and remind myself. :)

    Maxine, xx

  2. I want to eat more sweet potatoes too x
    Beautyqueenuk xx

  3. I definitely need to keep on top of emails, too! X
    Elise //

  4. really like the chalkboard, little things like this make your room more personal, I love a good quote too x

  5. Targets are a great idea :) that way you can make sure you've done everything :)

    Katie xx | Katies World

  6. I put a sweet potato in the micro for 6 mins or so, and treat it like a jacket - having it with cottage cheese, or avocado, or beans! So yummy :)

    Charlotte - x


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