Monday, 27 January 2014

My Current Dream Hair

Hello Lovelies,

I don't know about you but there are some times of year that you just stop loving something about yourself. Most of the time it's something simple that can be sorted, such as with a new top or changing my nail polish colour. Other times, like at the moment, it may take a while.

You see the problem I'm having at the moment is that I am fed up of my just below shoulder length hair and I fancy a change and this change is kind of the opposite to everyone else right now. What I mean by this is that so many bloggers/youtubers etc are opting for the bob style hair cut and I want the opposite, I want luscious long hair like I used to...

picture sourced from HERE and edited by me
I have longer hair before in the past, in fact up until about 5 years I would refuse to cut my hair short. I then got wild and went for a chop and I haven't really gone longer than shoulder length since then. I have recently been missing the long hair thus my current dream hairstyle and this post you are reading today.

So this dream started when I started looking back over old Facebook pictures. I found these two pictures.... please be warned these were taken in a time when I wasn't as good with make up haha.

These were both taken whilst I was at university and they are what sparked the whole long hair lust up. I just remember it being so much fun to style and with all the knowledge I have now that I didn't back then, I know I could look after it better and style it a lot better than I did back then. I would love to have hair below "boob" length again.

As well as having longer hair again, I would love to keep it the colour it currently is, which is a dark red shade. I just love the colour and how it looks in my hair alongside my skintone and complexion. This little collage, which I created using the dream machine known as Pinterest, shows a few styles that I could attempt and also different shades of red, showing how they look against certain skintones.

Overall, by the end of the year (hopefully earlier) I would love to have below "boob length" dark red hair. 

What do you think of this dream hairstyle? What is your dream hair?

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  1. I have just had a weave in and loved my long hair so I am going to try all I can to grow mine back long again too. The bottom right picture looks stunning, wish I was brave enough to go red! xx

  2. The second picture, the colour and length is something i would LOVE to have...and im too trying to grow my hair out this year, i wants luscious hair to be wavy and volumized etc, forget the bob everyone else is after i want it long!! :)

  3. I would also love long luscious hair but it would annoy me and I would cut it again ha x
    Beautyqueenuk xx


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