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Happy New Year... My 2014 Resolutions

Hello lovelies,


So last year I wrote a long list of new years resolutions, 30 in fact. If you want to read the post I shall link it here (link). This year I thought I’d split my resolutions into two groups, blog and YouTube resolutions and then life resolutions.

The blog and YouTube resolutions are things that over the followingf year I would love to happen to my three blogs (this one, The Make Up Obsessed Midlander and The Little Lipstick Blog).  So without further rambling needed, off I go!!

  1. Comment on more blogs and YouTube Videos. I spend a lot of my time, when I’m not working, either blogging, reading other people’s blogs or watching YouTube videos, however I hardly ever leave a comment. This year I’m going to attempt to comment a bit more.

  1. Document my attempt at losing weight. Every year I say that I will try and lose weight and every year I finish the year the same size and shape as I started. This year I am determined to change my ways. I am going to really try and lose weight. One of my close friends has recently got engaged and they want to get married in 2014 and I will not be pictured at another wedding as round as I am!! My plan is to write blog posts to document how everything is going, get suggestions for recipes etc.

  1. Get my videos out there more. In June last year (2013) I started making videos for YouTube and I have gained a few subscribers and each video gets views but I would like more. I know it’s very difficult to get yourself noticed when there are so many beauty bloggers out there, but I can live in hope.

  1. Continue to blog regularly. I have 3 blogs, which means there are quite a few posts that get written. I would like to keep posting three times every week on this blog (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) and also have at least one blog post on each of the other two as well.

  1. Help organise more meet ups. In my head, I would like to organise 3 meet ups this year. One in Birmingham, one in Bristol and one in London. I have helped organise meet ups in those places before and I’d love to plan more. What do you think?

  1. Spend time with my favourite blogger friends. Over the past year and a half that I have been blogging for I have had the blessing to meet in the flesh some of the most amazing people who I call my good friends, people I feel I could tell anything and they’d be there for me. The problem is they all live quite a distance away from me. Some live in the midlands but still not close enough haha. This year I’m going to try my hardest to meet up with them as much as I can because I miss them all.

  1. In 2014, I would love to film a collaboration video with someone. In the many years I have watched YouTube videos, I have always enjoyed watching when two bloggers get together and film a video or two. I would really love to do this, so if there are any of you out there who make videos and want to join forces let me know!!

Only seven to have a go at this year, plus my 10 life based ones which you can watch here…


Hope you enjoyed NYE…  Happy New Year!!

Till Next Time


  1. Loved this post and am always more than happy to help you organise a meet up hun x
    Beautyqueenuk xx

  2. I love reading other peoples goals! I can relate to your goals so well. Many of these things I too need to do. Hope you accomplish them all!

  3. I hope you can achieve these :) I definitely need to comment more on blogs, so here I am! I'd love to go to a meet up as I've never been to one before :) xx

  4. Such lovely resolutions! One of mine is to meet up with more bloggers, everyones so nice:)

    Love Em x

  5. Oh and HAPPY NEW YEAR :) x

  6. Great goals! good luck for 2014 :)

  7. Wow! You have 3 blogs! I'm just starting one and that seems like a lot at the moment haha well done!!
    Good luck with the gym one too :) you even have your motivation & everything to get you off to a great start :D

    Happy New Year!!


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