Monday, 30 December 2013

Highlights of 2013 July - September

Hey lovelies,

Another day, another three months to look over. This post is all about the months of July, August and September so let's get going....


So July saw two things happen. Firstly, I dyed my hair red, it is something I'm really tempted to do again as my hair has an unwanted two tone effect going on right now, I blogged the whole process and it is another of my most read posts for the year so you can check it out HERE

The other thing that happened was that I attended my first big London meet up. It was all organised by my lovely blogging friend Helen. This was one of my favourite things to happen this year as it was one of my most favourite weekends. I finally met Lisa, Emma, Bex in real life (all of which I call my good friends now) and I also got to spend two days with Helen and Natalie, two lovely  ladies who I spend a good chunk of my life texting. 


In August, I had my 23rd Birthday and I spent it doing what I love, I watched a musical. The Lion king to be exact. I posted this OOTD of the outfit and looking back at it I really like the outfit and I just thought I'd show you all it again.

The Make Up Obsessed Midlander

September introduced my second blog, The Make Up Obsessed Midlander. This blog hasn't got much love from me recently but this blog was designed to be my little place to ramble on about things which might not have had the time of day on this blog. As this blog (A Bit of This and That) is my main blog I have always said that this blog will always be the one that has the regular posting and that my other blogs would be more relaxed and I stand by that.

If you enjoy more relaxed posts, FOTD posts, lifestyle and life posts then you might want to check out my second blog because that is where you will find things like that.

So another three months bite the dust... tomorrow I bring you the last three months of this year, ready to bring you up to date for the start of 2014, gosh that is so scary to think about.

Till Next Time,


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