Monday, 9 December 2013

EVENT: Secret Santa London Meet Up

Hey Lovelies,

Excuse my absence last week, I announced my giveaway and then just went silent on you all. I didn't mean to but I was (still am) suffering a bit of exhaustion working full time and going to exercise classes along with life. This along with the fact that I hadn't been a good blogger and scheduled posts meant that you were without me last week, I hope you don't mind. Anyway, onto the post in hand...

On 30th November, the brain child of myself and Emma from Meet the Millards was born. We had been arranging this meet up for a while and after lots of planning, a little stress and a lot of excitement the day arrived and we met at Tiger Tiger. 

Borrowed from Sarah

I managed to take a few pictures during the meet up, but I spent most of the time chatting (sorry but not sorry). Each person who came brought a present so once everyone arrived and had had a mince pie (or two), myself and Emma handed out all the presents and everyone ripped open the wrapping paper and checked out what they got. One of my best friends, Natalie, who has recently moved to London popped along to the meet up. It was really cool to introduce a non blogger to the blogger world. 

After we left Tiger Tiger, people split up and went shopping or to get food. I went to Covent Garden with Lisa, Bex and my lovely friend Natalie for a bit of shopping but thats a post for another day.

For the event, Emma had made some lovely little goody bags:

for donating bits for our goody bags.

If you are a fan of visuals, Emma filmed through the day so you can check out her vlog HERE and a few of the other lovelies who came on the day have posted, which I will link below and keep updating when posts go live.

Thank you everyone for coming. Same time next year?

Till Next Time,



  1. I really want to go to a meet up, they look like such fun. Hope your friend enjoyed her insight into your blogging world too!

    Belle x
    Mascara & Maltesers

  2. Gutted I couldn't make it, but glad it went well x


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