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REVIEW: Nivea Double Effective Eye Make Up Remover

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Everyone has a skincare routine, some are longer than others. Mine can be rather a long process if I feel really in the mood. But one thing I never forget to do is take off my eye make up. It is always the first thing I do, even before cleansing my face, it just helps to start the cleaning process off.

Unlike some people, I am very picky about what I use to take off my eye make up. Firstly I have sensitive eyes so I can't use certain things as they will cause my eyes to sting or worse.Secondly and this is the biggy, I am a user of Benefit They're Real. If you have ever tried that mascara, you will know the suffering you have to go through to remove that bad boy from your lashes.

If you are a long time reader of this blog (hi there), you will know that I found a match for my peepers when I discovered Lancome Bi- Facil, which you can read a review of here (link) but I have always been on the look out for a more bargain price product (Bi-Facil is £21). Whilst on a trip to Tesco on my way home from work, where I was going to pick up a snack for the drive home I found this little bottle and decided to give it a go.

Nivea Double Effective Eye Make Up Remover
What drew me in was the fact that it was a bi-phase remover. This means that it has both a water and a oily like mixture which helps to melt away the make up off. Bi-Facil had the same kind of "technology" behind it so I was interested to find out whether it was as good.

And what I found out was.... it was! Unlike the Lancome Bi-Facil, the Nivea remover needs a little extra shaking and turns back into the two phases a lot quicker than its more pricy counterpart however, the same results still occur, all my eye make up is removed.

The price of this product is usually around the £3.50 mark and I think that once the current bottle is empty I will definitely be repurchasing it. Sorry Lancome, I love your product but the money I am going to save would buy me a lipstick or two.

Have you tried this product?

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  1. I normally find Nivea products too harsh for my sensitive skin and eyes but think I may have to give this go. Anything that is cheaper than Lancome is a winner!

    Belle x
    Mascara & Maltesers


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