Sunday, 17 November 2013

Keep Going... Don't Give up

Hey Lovelies,

Surprise!! I never post on a Sunday. Neither do I post lifestyle posts on this blog really, as they are published on my secondary blog, which is The Make Up Obsessed Midlander. But I wanted this post to go up here.

This week on twitter, you might have seen that I had got myself in a bit of a downwards spiral on all things blog and YouTube. In my head, I was thinking of giving up on both, my YouTube channel especially. I have uploaded 30 odd videos and I am not getting many views. I am trying my hardest to get the channel out there but I feel no-one is watching. This thought was making me descend further down my spiral and really consider giving up on YouTube altogether.

I really enjoy filming, chatting to a camera (even editing makes me happy) but I have recently been getting down about my YouTube life. Recently I visited one of my current favourite happy places, Pinterest and had a look at motivation style things to brighten my day when I came across this picture, which made sense to me when I was in my rut and wanted to just give up...

"It's hard to wait for something that might never happen, but it's harder to give up when you know it's everything you want."
I might never have said anything about this before but there is a part of me, who would love to be recognised as a blogger/writer/YouTuber. Since I began watching videos on YouTube and reading blogs, I have always looked up to the likes of Louise from Sprinkle of Glitter, Mikhila from MissBudgetBeauty and more recently Lily Pebbles and Anna from Vivianna does Make Up who have all started from small beginnings and have become part of my day to day life. I think I'd be more excited to meet one of those than anyone like One Direction, because to me they are my inspirations.

For me, my blog and YouTube isn't about money, it never has been for me, it has been purely about my love for make up and my need to know more about skincare and new brands I would have never considered before beginning onto this crazy road that has consumed my life in such a way for the past year and a half. I have known from the beginning that it will be difficult as there are so many beauty blogs and YouTube channels and it will be difficult to succeed but you never know.

I know this post might seem a bit soppy but it is truly from the heart and it just means the world to me that you have read it. I shall leave you with the words from the picture above It's hard to wait for something that might never happen, but it's harder to give up when you know it's everything you want. 

If you have a dream to do something with your life, keep going on with your dreams.. it may never happen but if you give up you will never know will you?

Till Next Time,



  1. Oh clare bear, don't give up! I think we all go through down stages, where we don't get many comments/views and it's easy to get disheartened. It's definitely happened to be before. You started your blog to share your love of all things beauty, and look at you now, you MAC lipstick addict :) In terms of youtube, I think it's really hard to stand out in a saturated market, but each and every single person who watches your videos wants to listen to what you have to say, and I think that's special. Think about how many friends you've made through blogging as well! :) It's easy to feel disheartened, but I really hope you don't ever give up! <3

  2. I totally understand everything you just said. After 2 years of blogging and youtube, as much as I love it, the growth is just so incredibly slow. I've had days where I just wanted to give up, but it's definitely worth sticking to if you love it. Do it for you, no-one else. Followers/readers will come. Eventually. :) xxxx

  3. What a lovely post, something I feel the same way but I love your blog so please don't stop :)

    Jenny xx

  4. great post xx can you follow my blog? xxx

  5. You shouldn't give up! This time last year I only had about 10 followers on my blog, now I have over 700 :) As you said, you never know what might happen x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness

  6. This blogging game is definite rollercoaster! Best wishes Vicki - #lbloggers

  7. aww honey I don't know you but I just wanna come and give you a hug!! It's so cliche to say but don't give up, Laura's right, the followers you have love reading and seeing what you have to say! You never know whose lives you're affecting and in what way, maybe there's somebody out there that sees you as their Louise or Lily or Anna xx

    And it's funny how quotations can really get at you isn't it :)

    Tigerlily's Beauty Blog


  8. A very moving and honest post. I have only just started out and only have 30 followers on BL but I am so happy to have those, and I enjoy writing my blog so much that I want to keep focussing on that and not on how many readers I have. Keep going! Kat xx

  9. I love Louise! Keep Going! <3 xoxo

  10. An honest and moving post! I know it seems there are so many blogs now yet some people just rocket in popularity! Hope u keep going with it!

  11. The things that are worth doing are the things that scare you and don't necessarily come all that easy! Keep at it girl!


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