Sunday, 10 November 2013

In case you missed it #2

Hey Lovelies,

Another week through, which can only mean it is ICYMI time.

This post is a rundown of all the goings on on both this blog and my secondary blog, which if you didn't know is called The Make up Obsessed Midlander,which if you haven't checked it out I'd love you to pop over and visit.

Here we go:

Monday: COLLECTIVE HAUL. I did a little shopping last month so Monday's post was all about what I have been purchasing recently. Why not check the haul out?

Tuesday: SHARE THE LOVE #2. Every so often on my second blog I like to share the love and introduce you to two bloggers that I love, this time was no different.

Wednesday: IDEA: Birmingham Frankfurt German Market Meet Up I think the title of this post gives away what my idea was. I'd love to have a meet up in Birmingham around Christmas with a few bloggers. What do you think of the idea?

Thursday: 13 BEFORE THE END OF 2013 TAG I made a list of 13 things that I would like to have done before the end of 2013 and made it into a tag. What would you like to do before the year is out?

Friday: MY POSSIBLE NYE DRESS Speaking of the end of 2013, I talked a bit about what my plans are for New Years Eve and showed you a dress which I think would be perfect for the night in question. What do you think?

For this week, that is all. 
Till Next Time,

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  1. I loved your collective haul, I love your blog. I hope you can check out my blog and my vintage inspired photoshoot and let me know what you think x


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