Friday, 8 November 2013

FASHION: My Possible New Years Eve Dress

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I am well aware that it is only November and its still a while to go until New Years Eve, however I love to be organised. 

New Years Eve for me is about dressing nicely and going to a concert with my family. I've talked briefly about this concert before when I showed off last years (or this years depending on how you think of it) outfit, which you can read here (link) but just to explain, it is a concert in Birmingham which has well known classical music. It starts at around half 9 and ends just after midnight. It is a nice tradition that we have in my family and I always enjoy dressing up.

Each year I look at all the pretty dresses and select one to be my NYE dress. Each dress has a bit of glitter or shimmer or something special to it and this year I think will be no different. Whilst looking around the internet for ideas I came across this beauty on the Simply Be Website.

AX Paris Sequin Bodycon Dress

How amazing does this look?!?
It is an AX Paris Curve Bodycon dress covered completely in sequins. Here is the thing, my lovely blog readers... You have come up trumps before in helping with outfit ideas and suggestions of what to wear etc so I ask you this, do you think I could pull this dress off? What accessories, shoes could I wear and what would I do with my hair and make up?

Help me out fellow bloggers and readers of this here blog? I need you.

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  1. I's wear plain black heels with it, a black clutch (or silver - same with the shoes!) with my hair either in a messy/rocky ponytail or it down and natural looking with either nude lips and a smokey eye or red lips and a nude eye! I have a similar dress in black from topshop!

  2. If you can't wear a sequin dress on New Years Eve, then when can you? The colour makes me think of mermaids!
    I think with such a full-on dress, you'd want to go very simple with the accessories. You don't need jewellery with this dress, just simple shoes and a simple bag.

  3. This dress is gorgeous! If I were to wear this, I would either wear nude pumps or black opaque tights and black pumps. Regardless of the occasion, I like to wear tights to keep things seasonally appropriate. A black or nude clutch would work as well, but nothing with too much detail as the dress is the focus. I think a smoky eye with very simple, dewy skin would look great with a shimmery lip. The hair should definitely be up so as to not take away from the dress, but maybe something like a low bun or a few braids thrown in to keep it from looking too formal. Best of luck and rock it well!

    Elise Goes Glam


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