Friday, 15 November 2013

FASHION; Ebay Zara City Bag Dupe

Hey Lovelies,

So if you ever catch any of my tweets a few weeks, you would have seen that I have been on the hunt for a large handbag, with compartments. Pretty much I was looking for a Zara Office City Bag, without the rigid feeling and the big price.

One day I was lurking on eBay, as I'm doing far too often recently, when I came across this bag.

This bag has two zipped up outer compartments, with the middle section closed with a popper. I don't know about you but I definitely think it is a good looking dupe from the outside. The inside doesn't have the most luxurious finish to it but it is something I can live with and as its only me that will be seeing the inside I don't mind.

There is no cushioned post like the Zara bag has but I keep my things wrapped up so again it is something I can live with.

Now the big thing, the price... A Zara Office City bag is around the £50 mark depending on which incarnation you have, this bag can be yours for the low low price of £16.99 and it can be bought here (link). Colourwise there is only Tan and Cobalt Blue left at the moment but who knows there may be more stock?

What do you think of my new bag?

Till Next Time,


  1. Got to love a good ebay bargain. Love the colour of your new bag! x

  2. Love eBay, the bag is really nice! :)

  3. Love your header :) great bag find! especially for the price :)

    Tigerlily's Beauty Blog


  4. Lovely bag - looks like it would fit in a lot of stuff! Thanks for sharing xx

    EmmaBelleFashion | Twitter | GIVEAWAY!

  5. I loveeeeee it! OMG. I need a bag with a long strap through because I am an idiot. and forget to pick them up when I leave places quite a lot of the time

    Charlotte - x


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