Monday, 7 October 2013

GUEST POST: Laurzah's Top 5 MAC Lipsticks

Oh hello, I’m Laura from Laurzrah and I’m sharing a post today on my blogging bestie’s page about my top 5 MAC lipsticks! J I think Clare and I cemented our friendship over our love for MAC, and especially lipsticks. If you get the chance to check out my blog you’ll see that I am MAC lipstick mad… not sorry!

First up is maybe the brightest, Candy Yum Yum! I love it just for the name, really. So happy J The colour is a crazy bright pink, with a matte finish. I love this shade because once it’s on my lips – it doesn’t leave! Even when it fades off it leaves a gorgeous pink stain. I’m so glad they made this permanent!

Next is another bright pink… I like my brights, y’know! This is Show Orchard, a pro colour definitely worth grabbing if you get the chance. This is an Amplified finish, which makes it super creamy and pigmented. This is a really blue-based pink, so it makes teeth look a bit whiter. The colour is so gorgeous on, especially for nights out. Writing this, I have a night out planned this week…

Third is Craving, an all time favourite. I love this so much in Autumn, the pinky berry colour just seems to go with everything, and I imagine this one would suit almost every skin tone. Get this - you will not regret it! (I know Clare has it ;))

Next is the nudest of the bunch, Angel. This is one of those raved about ones, and rightfully so! I’m on my third tube of it, as it’s just the easiest colour to slick on and not even think about it. It’s a frost finish, but it doesn’t look shimmery to me… just a beautiful baby pink. I love this with brown smoky eyes!

Last but not least is Lady Danger, a bright orange based red. I think this one suits my blue eyes, and it’s a great choice for an alternative to the standard blue-based red. I feel a bit more ‘me’ when I slick this one… what more can you want from a lipstick?

Lots of love to Clare for letting me guest post! I hope you enjoyed it J

Thank you to the lovely Laura for this post. If anyone else wants to write a guest post for me, let me know in the comments.


  1. They all look lovely especially Angel x

    Beautyqueenuk xx

  2. Oh certainy want Craving now!

  3. I have Craving and I agree that it is a one of the best color. ;)


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