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Hey Lovelies, 

How are we all doing? Today I thought I'd chat to you about a recent make up based mishap I had recently.

It all began when I popped into my local stand alone MAC store in Birmingham ( purely because the service is better in there and they know what they are talking about) for a concealer as I am still on the hunt for my ideal holy grail concealer (still looking by the way).

I asked to her to match me up for a concealer which turned out to be NW20. I looked at myself checked it matched, bought it and left the shop happy with my purchase. Well on closer inspection, it is fine but it dries a little dark for me. I can probably work with it but its not perfect.

In steps the actual mishap though, when I returned home from my shopping trip I thought it would be a good idea to buy the matching shade foundation, MAC Studio Fix Fluid in NW20. I ordered it online and felt proud of myself... until it showed up.

Left to Right NW20, NW15 and NW10

As soon as I opened the box and looked at the colour I knew something was up. It was rather dark looking, but I gave it the benefit of the doubt and popped the smallest bit on my face as a test. Well lets just say I looked like I belonged in TOWIE, my face was rather orange and just not good looking.

I immediately thought uh oh, and took to my phone as I have a non blogging friend who is a big MAC fan. She told me that she had also recently stepped into the world of MAC Foundations and that she had guessed her shade. She had also bought a wrong shade and that she is actually a NC but had bought a NW (this means she bought a warm toned foundation when she should have bought a cool toned... if you didn't know). She said I could have her reject, which was the NW15 (a slightly lighter foundation than the one I bought). On testing it I looked at it and thought it was a better match but maybe still a little dark. I am keeping it as it will be good for the warmer months for me.

This lead me to buy my second MAC foundation which is NW10, MAC's palest foundation. This colour is perfect for me, its pale as anything just like me. I can't comment on the foundation itself yet as I haven't had it long enough to comment.

Instead this post is a warning to all, to be careful buying foundations through guess work or hopes. I tried this and now I have a lot of foundation.  If anyone wants to buy the NW20 bottle let me know in the comments.

Have you ever bought the completely wrong foundation shade?

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  1. I always think it's best to have a look in store! I've bought countless foundations on line that have been to dark because I've guessed the shade. Ooopsy :( at least you found your match though!!xx

  2. I hate it when this happens, glad you've found a shade that works though! Its amazing how they can differ so much!

  3. That's so annoying, glad you ended up with the right shade though

  4. Oh no, thats the downside of online shopping! Foundations are hard enough to buy at the best of times.

    Belle x
    Mascara & Maltesers

  5. Barry M sell a white foundation which is good for mixing in with any that are too dark to lighten them up a bit!

    Chelle x

  6. I did this when I first ordered from MAC, it's so annoying isn't it! Glad you found the right shade eventually though x


  7. Oh no what a shame! Glad you got it sorted and found your shade :) x

  8. Oh the swatches on the MAC website are shocking! I've taken to always googling swatches before buying now. Luckily enough I don't wear or buy foundation often, and when I do I'm the lightest shade without fail! Hope you shift your NW20!

    Charlotte - x

  9. I hate buying foundations because it's such a tedious process trying to find a match, I've had MAC foundations tested on me before but they are just too dark and orange toned for me, glad you got it sorted out! xx

  10. I'm quite lucky in a weird way because I'm SO fair I have to go for the lightest colour, so normally I can avoid mishaps like this. Must be so frustrating though considering how expensive they are! Glad you sorted it :)

    Lauren xx | Lauren J

  11. Can you not return it?

  12. MAC always matched me to the wrong shade and it doesn't help that their foundations oxidise really quickly on the skin. The only foundation I really love of theirs and think works and is accurate in terms of colour is Face and Body x


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