Monday, 14 October 2013

BEAUTY: Empties

Hey lovelies,

I recently realised that the number of empties I've got hanging around is getting quite large so I thought I'd show what I have finished off with so they can go in the bin/for recycling etc.

First up, Lush Tea Tree Water Toner. I have mentioned this toner before on this blog many a time, it is my go toner and I really like it. I always have a back up bottle.
Will I repurchase?  I already have and will do again and again.

Lancôme Bi-Facil eye make up remover. This is was my first ever product from Lancôme and it started a small love affair. This eye make up remover is the only thing I will use to remove my eye makeup gently, it even removes Benefit They're Real, which if you know that mascara is a pain in the behind to remove. 
Will I repurchase? Yes, in fact I already have.

Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Deep Nourishing Intensive Mask. I believe this mask made an appearance in the last empties post I did. I always have one of the Herbal Essences masks in my house. They are such a nice thing to use once a week on your hair for a treat and this one is my favourite because it makes your hair super soft and it also smells amazing.
Will I repurchase? Yes as soon as I have got through all my other hair masks.

Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer. If you have been a follower of this blog for a while, you will know of my search for the holy grail concealer, the one that will cover my dark circles completely, not crease and that will stay out all day. So far I have not found it so I have decided that I will use up some of the concealers in my collection before trying anymore. The wake me up concealer is one that has had good reviews and even uber bloggers like Tanya Burr have said this is a good concealer, I agree it is good, it is illuminating but for me it just doesn't completely hide the dark shopping bags under my eyes.
Will I repurchase? Currently on the fence. 

Montagne Jeunesse Tea Tree Facial Spa Pore Cleansing Fabric Facial*. This has to be probably one of the strangest masks I've ever used. I have a review coming soon on this mask so I'm going to keep quiet on this mask.
Will I Repurchase? you'll have to wait for the review ( insert evil laugh here)

Dove Go Fresh Pomegranate and Lemon Verbena Anti Perspirant. I have used the rollerball version of this deodorant, in fact it was in my last empties video which you can read HERE.

There you go, my empties are complete. I can now throw these out and start again. What have you finished recently?

Till Next Time,



  1. Love the lush toner :) Haha so dramatic, I wait for your review with baited breath xx

  2. Ooh want to know all about the mask now x

    Beautyqueenuk xx


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