Wednesday, 2 October 2013

BEAUTY: The Autumn Tag

Hey Lovelies, 

Recently I have seen the Autumn Tag making the rounds. It was created by the lovely Georgina from MakeUp Pixi3 and I've been debating doing the tag for a while. I was recently tagged by Meg, so I thought it was about time I joined in the fun... Let's go!!

Favourite thing about it?
I have two favourite things about Autumn and they relate to two things I have a lot of, Scarves and Lipsticks. Firstly, I love that I have to start get a scarf out of my cupboard in the morning to get all snug for my walk to work. I have so many pretty scarves that it would be just a waste to not use them, right? 
Secondly, I love bringing the dark lips into my life. MAC Rebel, Rimmel Kate Moss 107, Revlon Black Cherry... I love them all.

Favourite scent/candle?
When it comes to autumn candles, I haven't got a favourite.. I instead start to smell all the Christmas candles, I love the spiced apple/cinnamon smelling ones...yum yum

Best Lipstick? 
Depending on my mood, it could be one of at least 5 but I can definitely say that it will be a dark lip.

Go to moisturiser?
I think this depends on my mood or what I have at my disposal. At the moment it is Origins Ginzing Moisturiser.

Go to colour for the eyes?
I think I'll say MAC Cranberry, it can go over the eye paired with Sketch for something dark and smokey or nice and neutral with MAC Naked Lunch for a more relaxed look.

Favourite band/singer or music to listen to?
My music taste doesn't change seasonally. I'll listen to anything any time of year.

Favourite outfit to wear?
In autumn, its all about keeping warm and snug. So... big jumper, jeggings,boots and a good scarf.

Autumn Treat?
I'm either debating a new full coverage foundation or a Zara Mini Office City Bag. 

Favourite place to be?
Probably a lame answer but on the sofa, watching a good film in my PJs with a mug of proper hot chocolate (made with hot milk not water).

I hope you have enjoyed this post. I am going to tag....

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  1. Thank you for tagging me lovely! xxx

  2. I've been eyeing up the City bag too! xxx


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