Sunday, 22 September 2013

UPDATES: My Scheduling Plans

Hey Lovelies,

Its a special Sunday post, they don't happen often on this blog anymore, but I thought I would let you know all my scheduling plans, i.e what is going to happen each day of the week.


Monday: On Monday, there shall be a beauty post on this blog. It could be a review, a collection post, anything really.

Tuesday: On Tuesday, there will be a beauty post on my second blog. What? You didn't know I had a second blog? It is called The Make Up Obsessed Midlander and it is where I put my more relaxed posts. It is where I talk for days about lipstick or blush or anything I want. Why not check it out?

Wednesday: On Wednesday, there is another beauty post on this blog. Again, it could be a review or a collection post, or anything. Wednesday is also the day of the week that my weekly life/ tag video will go live on my YouTube Channel, which you can watch HERE.

Thursday: Another relaxed post over on TMUOM, maybe even one of my posts from the series called the LOC or Lipstick Obsessed Corner, when I write post about one of the many lipsticks from my collection with many pictures.

Friday: Friday is my fashion day, sometimes it is a OOTD post or it could be a wishlist post, maybe a handbag post (I've currently got my eye on two Zara beauties)

Saturday: A Saturday means a little bit of Lifestyle on TMUOM. I love writing my lifestyle pieces and I'm glad I have a place for them on my second blog, it feels like the perfect home for them.

Sunday: Sunday means two things, a beauty based video on my YouTube and post round up for both blogs on my TMUOM blog. It's a great post to read (if I do say so myself) as it means that you can catch up with any of my posts that you might have missed throughout the week(don't worry I won't be offended, we all have lives. 

So there is my update. Any questions or queries, feel free to leave them below.

Till Next Time,

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