Friday, 6 September 2013

FASHION: Vintage selection

Hey lovelies,

So I recently wrote a post about needing an outfit for a wedding in October (you can check that post out HERE) . I have been pondering the dress/outfit ideas and I've decided to go down the vintage style route.

Why? Well the dresses are beautiful and they seem to suit my figure well. So today I bring you some picks for you to peruse. They are all from the same brand which is Lady Vintage London.

Beautysets - Vintage selections
1378138807_the-red-poppy-on-black-hepburn-dress_4gdm0 1378138656_new-cobalt-blue-hepburn-dress_4putj 1378138353_vintage-heart-amp-rose-swing-dress_4o2nt 1378138239_beautiful-white-butterfly-tea-dress_4np1v 1378138121_beautiful-emerald-floral-swing-dress_4oc0e

So there you go.. I love the red poppy one (which I could put a petticoat underneath to puff it up), the cobalt blue one (I'm a big fan of the blue) and I looooooove the butterfly printed one ( just unsure if I'm ok to wear it to a wedding)

I want your opinions... help me pick a dress pretty please.

Till Next Time,


  1. I think they'd be perfect for a wedding Clare. The poppy red one would be lovely for October - you could go to town with the lippie but the blue is also lovely - you could go to town on the eyes! x

  2. The butterfly one is absolutely gorgeous but perhaps too white for a wedding? All are gorgeous but the blue is probably a more season appropriate (and it's beautiful!) have a lovely time at the wedding :) x


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