Friday, 20 September 2013

FASHION: Crop tops and the plus size girl

Hey Lovelies,

Recently I have seen a lot of crop tops in the shops. Now being a 90s kid I remember the last time they came round (dear god I'm showing my age here) and last time this time I don't know how to style them out.

The last time they came around I was the age that showing my midriff off was not appropriate and my mother would have shook her head and told me to turn around and change... this time round if I wore one I would be told the same thing but for different reasons. As we all know I'm not a skinny person... I wear size 16/18/20 clothes and I wear them with pride but there's a part of myself that would love to try out a crop top, without flashing the world and its cat my round stomach.

So I thought I would ask my personal stylists (you guys) about how I could pull one off. I hunted through the New Look website (one of my favourite past times) and I came up with these little beauties.
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I stuck a collection of casual and more dressy crop tops for you to bring your suggestions for... What do you think? Would you/do you wear crop tops? How do you style them? How could I style them?

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  1. The blue embelished one would look beautiful with a high-waisted skirt & black tights! xo

  2. You could always wear crop tops with high waisted bottoms whether that be a skirt, pants or shorts or you could wear a different plain black top underneath the crop top as I've seen that done before too, if not just go for it and wear it how you want to wear it, it's your own style so you wear what you like/feel comfortable in. I suggest you just try some things out, experiment with different ones and you never know, you may be surprised

  3. I love the wally one, would look nice with denim high-waisted shorts and red converses xx

  4. You could wear one over a dress? Or with something super high waisted so there isn't much flesh on show!

    Lucy x

  5. Those are all gorgeous. I have a comic book crop top I wear with either a long black vest underneath or a high waisted skirt/shorts. Sometimes wearing sheer tights give the illusion of long legs if you're wearing a longer skirt/shorts.

    Love your blog.


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