Friday, 13 September 2013

EVENT: Merry Hill A/W Event

Hey Lovelies,

So a week ago, I was kindly invited to an event at Westfields Merry Hill. I have been invited to an event there before which you can read a post about HERE. This event was a preview of the Autumn/Winter trends that are available now.

Just like last time, a small collection of the shops available in Merry Hill brought along an outfit to highlight one of the key trends that will be around in the cooler months.

As we walked into the Pizza Express for the event, we were greeted by the lovely ladies who were running the event and were told to go and have a mooch and a chat with the lovely people from Boots in Merry Hill, including lovely ladies from the Origins, Maxfactors, Smashbox and No7 counters all of which were happy to chat through their products and give small samples if they could. Big mentions to the lovely ladies from Origins and Maxfactor, who I happened to chat to in Boots before the event where we chatted about blogging and all sorts.

We were then introduced to the clothes, outfits came from New Look, Warehouse, Internationale, Oasis and Vero Moda. 
L-R Oasis, Internationale, Vero Moda, Vero Moda, Warehouse, New Look

the models having a walk.

If you want any more details on the outfits, prices etc I can let you know in the comments but if I went through them all I could be here all day.

If you a midlands based reader, you might like to know that this weekend from today (13th) until the 15th of September, Merry Hill is running a big fashion takeover weekend. They'll be beauty treatments available thanks to Boots and Marks & Spencers and also if you get a voucher booklet from the concierge desk or online you will be able to get great bargains from a variety of the many shops that live in the why not stop by?

I think my favourite outfit is a mix of New Look top and coat with the Warehouse blue baroque trousers. What's your favourite outfit?

Thank you to Westfield Merry Hill for inviting me and thank you for my lovely goody bag.

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