Monday, 9 September 2013

BEAUTY: My MAC Lipstick Collection #3 Light Pinks

Hey Lovelies,

So far I have shown you two parts of my MAC lipstick collection, the nudes (here) and the bright pinks (here). Today as the name suggests I am introducing you to what I call the light pinks, of which I have three.

My three light/pale pink MAC lipsticks are Chatterbox, Fanfare and Creme Cup. All three of these lipsticks are the ones that if I don't know what to put on my lips are the ones that I grab as they are so easy to pair with anything. Onto the swatches I think and I will start with Chatterbox.

MAC Chatterbox

Chatterbox is the brightest pink out of the three that I am showing you today, in fact MAC calls it a "Bright Red-Pink". It is an Amplified Creme finish (which is my favourite) and it is so pretty but no-one ever talks about it. So there it is in all its glory...everyone put it on your wishlists and ladies if you ever shop with me you will want to buy it right Helen?

MAC Fanfare Lipstick

Next up is Fanfare, a favourite of mine as it was one of my first MAC Lipsticks. In fact this lipstick even has its own post on this blog which you can read HERE. But for the purposes of this post I am going to say that this is a Cremesheen lipstick and MAC describes is as a "Mid-toned yellow pink"

MAC Creme Cup

Last up, the lipstick that for bloggers really needs no introduction, its Crème Cup. MAC calls this one a "Light Blue Pink" and it is the perfect pale pink for my lip colour/skin tone. It is the lipstick that if I hear someone say they've never tried MAC lipsticks I always steer them in the direction of this bad boy... I've even bought it for three people as presents its that good a lipstick. Like Fanfare this lipstick is a Cremesheen and overall I love it. 

So there you light pinks are here for all of you to see. My current plan is to keep putting these collection posts up every other week so that they will all be available to peruse through and I can then just divert people to the different posts. So YAY for the lipsticks.

Are there any other light pink MAC lipsticks you think I should try?

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  1. Chatterbox is such a pretty colour. Out of the three it's the one I'd definitely be drawn into buying. :D

    Juyey xx

  2. Lovely selection of colours, and I love your storage!


  3. I love the look of Chatterbox! I really like Angel, it's a gorgeous light pink, so I'd recommend that :)

    - Rhi | Beauty Bucket List

  4. Great post, I love seeing swatches of MAC lippies. Creme Cup will be the next shade I buy for definite xx

  5. I now need Fanfare and Chatterbox! These look lovely! xx

  6. Ah Creme Cup perfect everyday colour (thanks again) x

  7. I have Chatterbox and I love it! It doesn't apply too bright for me (maybe because of my pigmented lips) and I wear it almost everyday!


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