Saturday, 3 August 2013

PLANS| Meet Up Updates

Hey Lovelies,

So some of you may know I'm organising two meet ups. First up the one that comes up shortly.


BRISTOL: On Saturday 17th August, myself and Laura from Laurzah are arranging a little get together in Bristol city centre. Our plan is to go for lunch and then walk around the shops afterwards... I have had some interest for this, if you are wanting to come please let us know because we want to book a table in a restaurant soon. 

LONDON: If you saw my posts this week you will know that I came up with an idea for a secret santa meet up, where instead of a goody bag each person will have a person to bring a present for (kind of like a secret santa for bloggers but without the postage and packaging).

Well, I have teamed up with Emma from Meet the Millards and we have decided to arrange it in London and the date we have in mind is Saturday 30th November 2013. If you are interested in taking part and joining in with the fun, let us know by leaving a comment or dropping us a tweet or email.

I think thats all for now. If you have any questions about either meet up, don't be afraid to leave a comment, tweet me or drop me an email. I'll be more than happy to help.

Till Next Time,


  1. I am interested for the London one :) Thanks for arranging this xx When I know my dates I will tell you for certain

  2. Ill have to book it off work, but i wanna come to the london one! Will confirm when my managers back off holiday in two weeks :)

  3. I'm definitely interested in the London one :) x

  4. Sign me up to Secret Santa London meet up x x

  5. Sounds great I would love to be at the London one! Allie xx

  6. This sounds awesome! I'd love to come to the London meet up! :)

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  7. Oooh sounds great, but I'd feel bad going as I've just started blogging! I suppose by then my blog might be bigger though.....

  8. Oooh, this is a lovely idea, Clare!

    I live in London and would love to be a part of this. Keep me posted on the details.

    Also, if you need any help, I'll be happy to assist.

    Juliana x



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  10. I'm interested in the London one. I think the Secret Santa idea is great!

    My email is

    Holly xx

  11. I would love to get involved :)

  12. I'm interested! Count me in! :)

  13. I'd be interested in the london meet! my email is: x


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