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GUEST POST: How to Dress According to Body Shape*

Hello Lovelies, today I bring to you a guest post all about how to dress according to shape.. something that even I struggle with every so often. Enjoy.

It may be that you, like me, are a free-thinking independent spirit, You may also like to follow your own path, and when it comes to fashion to ignore trends, rules, advice and the like.

While I applaud those sentiments, there are some simple ideas as to what type of clothes to wear according to your body shape. These will not shackle you to a single particular colour or type of clothing, but they will help you show yourself off to your best advantage. You will still retain your own personality and characteristics but, to those who know you and those who don’t, you will be presenting yourself, clothes-wise, as a person who is confident and self-assured. And someone who knows how to make themselves look their best. Now there’s nothing wrong with that is there?

While there are many body-shapes, this article concentrates on the five main ones: Hourglass, apple, pear, rectangle and wedge (or inverted triangle). Look at yourself in the mirror and decide which one of the five you are closest too. Get a second opinion from a friend, or store assistant, just to check and confirm your shape. Here are suggestions for each of the body types:

Hourglass: Your shoulders and hips are similar in proportion and set off by a tiny waist. Your curves are your top asset, so show ‘em off lady! Don’t hide those curves with baggy clothes- fitted dresses with a belt at the waist are good. High-waisted or Wrap skirts look good too. Skinny or straight leg jeans will look good on you.

Apple: Most of your weight accumulates above the hips, which are narrow. Your back and shoulders are broad, and you may be wider than other body types.Your best assets are your legs! You’ll want to get clothes to elongate your torso and create a waist. Go for V-neck tops to help that illusion of a longer torso. Wear a belt at the smallest points on your waist. If you have a tummy bulge then wear empire tops and dresses. Wear shorter skirts to show off your legs and draw attention down from your mid-section.

Pear: You have a larger lower body than upper body. Your best assets will be your shoulders, arms and waist, and your fashion goals will be to minimise your hips. You’ll want to focus attention on your upper body by avoiding cargo pants and print skirts, but going for strapless dresses, high waisted jackets, and boat neck tops. Wear lighter colours on your upper body, and darker ones for your lower body. Try some bright coloured pointy-toed shoes to have the effect of lengthening your legs.

Rectangle: Your waist, hip and shoulder widths are similar and are usually tend to the slimmer. You don’t need to so anything to minimise your body but will probably want to create some curves and show off your arms and legs. Scoop neck tops, tops with collars and ruffles, are all good to create curves. Have more layers of clothing to create extra body dimensions. Try brightly coloured and/or patterned bottoms, be they skirts or trousers.

Wedge: If you have this body shape you have a broad chest and wide shoulders which are large in proportion to a narrower waist and hips. I suggest that your best assets are your legs. You’ll want to accentuate your lower body while softening or drawing attention away from your upper body. Consequently you’ll want to wear bright attention-grabbing bottoms, suchas flared or wide-legged trousers, or full skirts. Look out for clothes that will help create a waist- so that will be short/high-waisted tops and jackets.

Finally a mention about tops. If you have an apple shape, then I suggest you wear a top with long sleeves and a V-neck to draw attention to your bust. Longer tops are good, ones that go over your hips and help to elongate your body are good. If you have a rectangular shape, avoid baggy tank tops- got for ruffles and frills because they will add texture and volume and move you away from a boyish look. If you have a pear shape (larger below and a small bust) avoid dresses or tops that wrap around your waist and cross over your chest. They are not a good idea because they can make your bust look disproportionately tiny. Chose tops that have ruffles, or interesting details/patterns to draw attention away from your lower body. For hourglass figures, wear a top with a top with a shallow v neck that will draw attention up to your face.

If you are interested in learning more about fashion and body shape, read this article. They go further and give a lot more details on this topic.

*Disclaimer. This is a sponsored guest post.

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