Friday, 30 August 2013

GUEST POST: B. Complete Eyeshadow palette in Glisten with Some Sparkle and Shine

Hey Lovelies, Today I'm leaving you all in the capable hands of Sarah from Some Sparkle and Shine. I hope you are all well.

The B. Complete Eyeshadow Palettes are collections of four eyeshadows put together to complement each other to create anything from subtle work looks to more intense ‘evening out’ looks. 

B. Eyeshadow Palette in Glisten 1.jpg

B Eyeshadow Palette in Glisten.jpg

B Eyeshadow Palette in Glisten 2.jpg

The ‘Glisten’ palette is just one of the four collections that B. offer and is the most neutral of them all. Three out of the four shades are shimmery, and the highlight shade is matte. 

B Eyeshadow Palette in Glisten 4.jpg

The matte shade is the most disappointing in the palette. When I first swatched the shadow it looked to be quite pigmented, but after applying it to the eye it’s barely visible and if you try to blend it with other shades it disappears almost completely.   The texture is also leaves a lot to be desired. It’s quite chalky, and fall out is inevitable with something like that.  

The other three shades are really impressive though. The texture of the shimmery shades is a lot smoother and is almost buttery. They are nicely pigmented, blendable and they all complement each other well. I’ve used these alone, with a primer and with a cream shadow base and they’ve worn amazing well each time. They didn’t crease but the time I wore them alone I did notice a little fading towards the end of the day. 

The gold is a gorgeous colour. It’s not too yellow in colour and the shimmer is just that, shimmer. It works brilliantly over the B. Vibrant Eye Shimmer in Gold Sand because they are similar in colour and it helps build colour intensity. 

The rusty bronze shade is my favourite of the quartet. I haven’t got shade like this from anything else I’ve purchased from the high street. It has a warm tone to it, but it doesn’t make your eyes look sore.
The dark brown shade is great to blend over the outer corner and through the crease. It blends really nicely, and the intensity of the colour is easily buildable. 

B Eyeshadow Palette in Glisten 3.jpg

Overall, I would highly recommend this palette. The colours are brilliant for nearly every occasion. They are buildable, long lasting and easy to work with. I would be more impressed in the matte colour was better but I can deal with that for the other great colours. 

You can pick up the B. Complete Eyeshadow palette in Glisten in selected Superdrug stores or online here for £6.99



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