Monday, 26 August 2013

BEAUTY: My Morning Skincare Routine

Hey Lovelies,

So I thought this week as I'm on my holidays I would have a "skincare week". So today will be my morning skincare, Wednesday will be my evening skincare and then on Friday I will have a cheeky guest post from the lovely Sarah.

So today I introduce my morning routine. Surprisingly, this one is the one I find harder to keep on top of. I don't know why but this is the routine I have trouble following through. I am getting better during the school holidays but once I'm back to waking up at 7.15 I'm going to be fighting my way through still (gosh!! Ramble much??)

Anyways, I introduce you to my morning routine... I wake up, go about getting out of bed, making breakfast etc and then I begin my MORNING SKINCARE ROUTINE.

So I begin in the morning with a micellar solution, whatever is available (recently I've been trying to finish my L'oreal one). This just sweeps away any muck that could still remain or may have appeared during the night.

This then gets followed by my morning cleanse. I use the Lush 9 to 5 cleansing lotion. It is so gentle and perfect for the morning. How I use it is that I take a 5p amount in my hand, then I rub it all over my face and remove the cleanser with a cotton pad. It does say on the bottle that you can remove it with a face cloth and water but I usually can't be bothered to fight my family for the bathroom so cotton pads work well enough for me.

After cleansing, we have the toner. We all know what I am about to say because I talk about it so much, I use my Lush Tea Tree Water Toner. I am on my 4th or 5th bottle of the stuff and it is part of my daily routine. It helps to get rid of any rogue cleanser and also finishes off everything before the next step.

That Next Step in a morning is eye cream. My morning eye cream of choice is Origins Ginzing. Its everything you want from a morning eye cream. It contains caffine to aid the waking up process, which along with other ingredients attempts to make my peepers just that little bit more awake. I kind of want to try the Ginzing Moisturiser too.. any thoughts?

My final step is Moisturiser. My current morning moisturiser is the Origins Make a Difference + Moisturiser. I was suggested by a Origins advisor to try this moisturiser and I do like it but I'm not sure if it is my holy grail moisturiser.

I also add in an SPF if I'm going out for the day but whilst I'm on school holidays, I am spending a lot of my time just chilling around the house without make up and in what I like to call my comfies.

So for now, I am all done with my morning routine. As I said at the beginning, my evening routine will be arriving on your screens on Wednesday so look out for that.

Till Next Time,

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  1. I am liking your morning skincare regime, I love the 9 to 5 cleanser it is so lovely on my skin xx

    Lots of Love Beautyqueenuk!

  2. Ooh I want to try the tea tree water and the GinZing Moisturiser. :)


  3. Never heard of anyone using micellar solution in the morning, how interesting! I need to try some Origins skincare though :) Thanks for sharing this x


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