Saturday, 20 July 2013

UPDATE: Updates a plenty

Hey Lovelies,

So I know in my just over a year of blogging that I have put up posts like this one but its only just that I like to keep you all updated about all things bloggy.

UPDATE 1: I've had a rethink about when and what I'm posting. I feel my blog is getting more beauty based, the lifestyle posts on a Saturday were becoming more of a chore so for the time being I'm going to stop doing them.. My post schedule shall become Beauty on Monday and Wednesday, a fashion post on Friday and my video will go live every Sunday. I'm still unsure over the fashion post at the moment because I'm not feeling overly fashionable at the moment so this could change too.

On the same vain... I am going to start putting in the post title what kind of post it is for example, this one is an update so it has UPDATE in capitals, the same will be done for beauty, fashion etc.

UPDATE 2: I have some exciting events coming up in the not to distant future. For example, on Wednesday I will be making the trip into Birmingham for #Vintsetfest. I'm excited to go and to meet some new bloggers and have some fun. 

Also at the end of this month, I will be making the trip to London for the #julylondonmeetup organised by the lovely Helen. I'm excited to meet a lot of new people, some which I have talked to for a while but have never met... eek I'm excited.

PLUS... I've got other trips coming up to do with my birthday, one of which means another trip to London.

UPDATE 3: I have just over 50 subscribers on my YouTube Channel. Thank you for that. If you ever have any suggestions of videos that I can record please feel free to tweet me or comment on any video or post.

UPDATE 4:Advertising... I still have free advertising, I have 5 spaces free for next month. So if you'd like some free advertising, whether you are a blogger or a small business... Drop me an email.

Thats all for now...

Till Next Time,

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  1. My posts are so random, it's good that's you're sticking to a schedule! :) I got a last minute invite to #julylondonmeetup so it would be nice to meet you there.

    Olivia xxx
    Beauty from the Fjord
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