Monday, 8 July 2013

Spending Ban Update #5

Hey Lovelies,

So I'm back with a spending ban update and for this update I can tell you I actually haven't bought anything (#progress).
I had a serious talking to myself after the whole blogsale buying crazyness and said that if I continued I would not be able to buy anything (including food) at the Meet up later this month.


I have started writing my meet up wishlist post and just seeing what I'd like to own made me step away from my favourite internet haunts. I have already decided to treat myself to something with my collective boots points, plus there is the MAC Pro store (I have my eyes on Violetta and maybe an eyeshadow) and also the Selfridges Beauty Hall (the most wonderous place ever), just to name a few places.

So I have made the decision between now and the meet up, all I shall spend money on is two train tickets to Birmingham for two events that I have been invited.  Otherwise, My purse shall remain closed.

Is anyone else on a spending ban? How is yours going?
Till Next Time,


  1. well i try everyday to stop spending my i have no will power so you are doing very well!


  2. I can't imagine how hard spending bans are! I really need to do one but I just cannot possibly imagine getting through haha!


  3. I definitely would benefit from a spending ban, if only to allow me chance to focus on the things I already have and don't wear enough of.


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